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Episode 159 of the Return of Superman,

"That Year, the Winter Was Warm."

(Tossing and turning)

(Sian woke up.)

Say, "Good morning, Dad."

(He bows.)

Good job.

(Good morning, Dad.)

(Are they up yet?)

Good morning.


Isn't Sian up yet?

- He is. / - Sua.

- Good morning. / - There are cabbages out there.

- What? / - Cabbage.

Cabbage? What cabbage?

(You'll find out once you go outside.)

(What sight lays before his eyes?)

Outside, on an unidentifiable big mat, are

green onion, leaf mustard,

white radish and salted cabbage.

(What's going on?)

(Donggook finds a note on the floor.)

(You've been eating my kimchi for the last 10 years.)

(Please make some for our big family.)

(He smirks as soon as he reads the memo.)

Mom did this.

Early this morning, Sujin wrote a note for Donggook.

(This is incredible!)

(She leaves the note on the equipment.)

- Let's go. / - It's so funny.

(Dad will make kimchi?)

Sua was watching them.

All I thought about was running away from home.

I became speechless upon seeing them.

I never thought...

(I never thought I'd make kimchi.)

Since I was born, I never thought I'd make kimchi.

She left home with a note before the first shoot.

(Honey, please don't let our five children go hungry.)

(Cheer up! You got this. Go, Donggook!)

I was just as shocked as that day.

What's going on? Did you leave?

(This memory courses through his mind.)

Did you really leave?

This can't be true, Sua.

(What happened here?)

How should we begin?

Your mom...

She ran away.

Mom ran away

after leaving all of this to us?

I can't run away, can I?

(No, you can't.)

Should I run away?


- No, you can't. / - You can't, Dad.

Why not?

- Let's go together, Dad. / - You want to go with me?

- Let's run away together. Come. / - Me, too.

(They decide to run away together.)

Take me with you.

Yes, let's run away from the cabbages.

- All right. / - Okay.

- Cabbages are scary, aren't they? / - Yes.

- They're scary, aren't they? / - Yes.

Which is scarier, cabbage or Mom?


Cabbage is scarier?

(I haven't even been mixed with chili pepper yet.)

- What is this? / - Cabbage.

What is that?

That's chili pepper powder.

It's spicy.

- What is that? / - That's white radish.

White radish? What is that?

That's green onion.

- Green onion? / - Yes.

You're asking endlessly.

What is this for anyway?

We use this so we wouldn't spill anything.

We'll make kimchi here.

This, this.

(You make kimchi here.)

Can you eat kimchi, Sua?

- Yes. / - Kimchi.

I can eat it!

- You'll eat kimchi, too? / - Yes.

(I will eat kimchi.)

Shall I call Seoeon and Seojun's daddy?

(Donggook calls Hwijae to ask for help.)

Look. Look, Sian.

Hello, Seoeon and Seojun.



- Hello, Donggook. / - Hello, Hwijae.

Yes. What's up?

- Where are Seojun and Seoeon? / - Listen.

Say, "Hello, Seola and Sua."


- Hello. / - Hello.

- Hello. / - Sian.

(They wave to each other.)

- Seojun's daddy. / - Hello.

- Come to my house. / - My house.

Honey, honey, honey.

Hwijae, have you ever made kimchi?

- Make kimchi? / - Yes.

Sujin left all these before leaving home.

What should I do?

There's a lady who sends me good food all the time.

Ms. Big Mama.

I'll forward her phone number to you.

- All right. / - Ask her how to make it.

I will. Thank you.

- Good luck. / - Thanks.

He sent me her number.

(Donggook calls Ms. Big Mama.)

- Hello. / - Hello.

- Hello. / - Hello, I am

footballer Lee Donggook.

- Sian's dad? / - Yes, that's me.

Hello, hello.

I need

to make kimchi.

- Make kimchi? / - Yes.


I know, right?

How could you be so courageous?

I wasn't courageous.

- My courage was... / - I see.

(My wife made me take courage.)

- Let's have fun. / - All right.

How is your cabbage?

There's water on the cabbages.

They must've been rinsed.

- Have they been salted? / - I think so.

That's why you said there's water on them.

- I think the cabbages are being drained. / - Okay.

We make the stuffing while waiting for it to drain.

Sian is too young, and Seola and Sua

probably can't eat spicy kimchi yet.

I wonder what you think about making

special kimchi for the kids.

I see. I have to make it twice, right?

That's right. I'll teach you a recipe.

I don't want to put sugar in kimchi.

Go to the market

and get a pumpkin that you make porridge with.

- Pumpkin? / - Yes.

When you're choosing, it should have a flat bottom,

deeply engraved lines

and white powdery shell. Those are sweet.

- A flat bottom? / - Yes.

- Buy a yellow one. / - Okay.

Sugar is usually added to the starch.

Put the pumpkin instead.

Make sure to cool it before that.

Then go to the fruit store and buy ripe persimmons.

We use radish as part of the stuffing.

You know how kids don't eat radish.

- So blend it in a blender. / - Blend the radish?

Yes. Then put chili pepper powder in it.

After you put in that chili pepper powder sauce,

add pumpkin, persimmon,

garlic, spring onion and ginger.

Mix everything in.

After that, add

fermented anchovy sauce

and fermented shrimp sauce.

When I make it,

I put in 70 percent of anchovy sauce.

(Then I add 20 percent of shrimp sauce.)

(I use fermented yellow corbina sauce if I have it.)

(If you don't have it, just do 30 percent of shrimp.)

- Okay. / - Your voice is getting softer.

Is it possible for me to do this by myself?

Of course.

Aren't you going to do it with your kids?

(If you're talking about Seola, Sua and Sian...)

(They're troublemakers.)

- I can do it. / - You can do it.

I can do it.

It would be fine if they can stay still,

but I'm not so sure.

(Dad, I'll help you.)


Sian wants to say hello. Say hello.


- Hello. / - Hello.

- Grandma. / - Hello, Grandma.

Nice to meet you.

You're so good at saying hello.

Sian, you're such a handsome boy.


Help your dad make kimchi today.

- Okay. / - Good.

- Bye. Thank you. / - Thank you.

What is this?

He wrote it all down.

Will Donggook succeed in making kimchi?

I didn't know I'd wear an apron.

Do you want to try?

Seola, Sua, do you want to try? Try it, Sian.

- Is this mine? / - Yes.

- Hat. / - Hat?

- Hat. / - Do you want the hat?

(How does Sian look?)

Let me see. You look amazing.

- Go and look. / - Do I look good?

- What is this? / - This?

It's going to mash the radish.

- Mash the radish? / - Yes.

It'll mash the radish.

Is this radish? Radish?

What is this?

- It's a blender. / - Blender.


- Turn it. / - Okay.

(These radishes are too big.)


(He runs away from the sound.)

(You're scaring me.)

Isn't it amazing?

(He's scared and runs off to Sua.)

- Here I go. / - Okay.

(I'm so scared.)

(Why isn't this working?)

(The blender stopped.)

Is it broken?

- Clap. / - No, Sian. I'm not done.


(Is it done?)

(Let's clap.)

(It's not done?)

(When will this be over?)

It's hard to blend when you cut it so big. Gosh.

Are you done?

Are you done?

I'm a little sloppy, but you have to be understanding.

I can't be good at everything.


- Dad, what are you doing? / - Did you wake up?

- What are you doing? / - We're...

- We're going to make kimchi today. / - Kimchi?

Since I'm making it alone, I'll need your help.

I need you to go to the grocery store.

- Sit down. / - Dad.

What should we buy from the store?

We need a pumpkin from the store.

- A pumpkin? / - Yes.

The bottom has to be deep.

- Also, / - Pumpkin.

get 10 ripe persimmons.

- 10? / - Yes. We'll eat a lot of it.

(I like that.)

What did I ask you to buy?

10 ripe persimmons.

Yes, 10 ripe persimmons. What about the pumpkin?

- Grandma pumpkin. / - The orange pumpkin.

- Go and get them. / - I'll be back.

- Okay. / - Me, too.

Sian, come here.

(Sian stays with Donggook.)

All good.

(Wait for me, kimchi mat.)

(How well will they run their errand?)

- Sua. Hi, girls. / - Hello.

(They look for ripe persimmons and pumpkins.)

(Where could it be?)

(It's a paradise filled with snacks.)

(They're busy thinking about persimmons and pumpkins.)

I can't find the ripe persimmons.

(I don't see any pumpkins either.)

(Seola makes up her mind.)

Excuse me.

Where are the ripe persimmons?

Please give me a pumpkin.

Pumpkin? Come this way.

Here. Can you carry it?

- Yes. / - Is this the pumpkin?

Yes, it is.

Gosh, thank you.

(They found the ripe persimmons.)

- 10 of these. / - 10?

- This one. / - Are these ripe persimmons?


- How many is in here? / - Six.


If you have six and four, that makes ten.

Here you go.

(She's good at paying.)

(They're only buying what they were asked.)

Seola, do you want to carry it together?

I haven't done anything, but time passed by so fast.

I've only eaten kimchi. I never made it, right?

It's because we have a big family.

We are in the age of nuclear family,

so most people buy things like kimchi.

But we have a big family, so buying will cost a lot.

- Yes. / - That's why

we make kimchi. Do you understand?


I'm more passionate than ever, right?

(What can I do?)

I'll chop the spring onions. You can chop those.


(He's talented.)

(He's working hard.)

Your nose is running.

- Your nose is running. / - I can do it.

Let's wipe your nose.

(Donggook gets him a wet tissue.)

Blow in it.

(He's blowing his nose by himself.)

That's good.

Throw it out in the garbage can.

- Garbage can? / - Yes.

(Sian's mission is to throw out the tissue.)

Go throw it out.

(The garbage can is here.)

(Agent Sian is taking the harder way.)


(He's crawling fast.)

Garbage can.

Garbage can.

(He finally escapes the table.)

Garbage can.

I'm throwing it out.

Yes. Good.

(He steps on the lever.)

(The garbage can is open.)

Did you throw it out, Sian?

- Yes. / - Good job.

(Did I do well?)

Give me a wink.

Good job.

We've done step one and step two.

What do we do? We just started.

Now we wait for the pumpkin. They went to get it.

We'll leave it to your sisters.

(Where are they?)

The twins finished running their errand.


(They're going to the playground.)

The big one looks yummy.

The big one.

They found a persimmon tree with Seoeon and Seojun.

They enjoyed sharing the persimmons.

Good job.

(Remembering then,)

(they open the case.)

(Sua already has one in her hands.)

We'll leave it to your sisters.

(We want to eat it now.)


(She's eating so fast.)

Is it good?


What does it taste like?

Ripe persimmon.

Why does it taste like ripe persimmon?

Because it's a ripe persimmon.

(As for this child...)

Why did you think there were ripe persimmons?

Pardon? When I was chewing the meat,

I could taste ripe persimmons.

If you ask me why I could taste ripe persimmons...

Because it's a ripe persimmon.

It's because I could taste ripe persimmons.

Why does it taste like a ripe persimmon?

(Why are you asking?)

Because it's a ripe persimmon.

(She's the next Dae Janggeum.)

(This is a ripe persimmon)

(that tastes like ripe persimmon.)

Sua, let's go back.


(She's half-hearted.)

How long are you going to eat that?

We have to give Sian some, too.

(Instead of playing at the playground...)

Someone else likes eating at the playground, too.

(Sam Hammington is back.)


(Excuse me.)

That was good.

(Sam is off work after his morning schedule.)

(He's getting a call.)

(He hesitates.)

- Hello? / - Hello?

Where are you?

I'm on my way.

Hurry up, I have to go out.

Yes, I'm on my way. There's traffic.

- Hurry up. / - Okay.

(He's going on a ride instead.)

(My goodness.)

I'm so tired.


I wish I could sleep at home.

(He longs for a sweet break.)

What are you doing?

What are you doing?

(He's caught.)

- What are you doing there? / - What?

Hurry up and come in.

There's traffic.

Come on.


(What is Dad doing over there?)


- Come inside. / - Okay.

- When the cars move, I'll go in. / - Gosh.

- Hurry up. / - I'll come.

(Dad, hurry up.)

(William grew so much in a month.)

William couldn't hold his head up before.

But now he can hold his head up well.

He smiles well, too. He's gotten so big.

(He's babbling even more.)

(He's able to beatbox as well.)

(William has grown, hasn't he?)

Hello. What are you doing?

(William greets his dad.)


(They got a mat.)

I just noticed. You don't have a mat.

I've never seen anyone use it in Australia.

When you have to go to the washroom

or you need to get a glass of water,

you have to put the baby down. It's dangerous.

After Taeyoung came, William's house has changed.

We'll tell you the story after Professor Ki left.

(They even have a book.)

My wife has to work today.

I learned a lot from Professor Ki last time.

I'll try looking after William alone today.

The baby has to eat right now.

Come over here and look after him.

- He's about to cry. Okay. / - Okay.

"Give me food."

(He's spilling all over.)

I wish they'd make these cans bigger.

- Why? / - It's hard to put my hand in.

(William is waiting patiently.)

He learned well from Taeyoung.

Sam has changed.

(He's drinking fast.)

Were you that hungry?

Sorry, I had work.

Is it good?

William, have a good nap. Look after him well.

- Okay, bye. / - Bye.

Bye, William.

(Mom is leaving.)

William, it's just us boys for today.

Just you and me.

(He's comfortable in his dad's arms.)

(Sam's tired from waking up early.)

(Are you falling asleep, Dad?)

What do you mean?

(I'm awake.)

(His cheeks are shaking.)

(William's reaction is lukewarm.)

(Sam pulls down his hair.)

(Yes, this is it.)

Hey, beautiful.

Who is this?

(Sam is a fool for his son.)

Are you my son, William?

(Burping skill he learned from Professor Ki)

Why are you so cute?

- Are you done? / - Yes.

I see. So you're done?

That's a nice burp.

William, what did you do today?

Were you busy?

I came to work.

(He babbles passionately.)

Do you know what I did?

I was the host.

(No way.)

Why are you looking down on me?

I'm talented enough.

Do you know what I do?

I'm a celebrity.

A celebrity.


You don't believe me because you didn't see it?

(Sure, let's say you are.)

Watch carefully who comes out.

William, what is that? Whose house is it?

(William is reacting.)

Do you know this picture?

(He seems to recognize Sam.)

It's your favorite picture.

Look, look.

(He looks young in the photo.)


William, it's you.

(He's copying himself in the television.)

Who is that?

See? I'm on television.

I'd be thankful if you lifted up your legs.

(He's good at changing diapers now.)

(While they're at it...)

It's massage time.

Massage, massage.

(Massage time makes William smile.)

Big belly.

Your belly is so big.


Sir, don't you want a massage?

(I get it now.)

Turn over. Turn over.

(I'll do it for a massage.)

(Turning over is a piece of cake.)

(He can turn over by himself.)

(They're in the last stage of the massage.)

(That feels so good.)

Massage, massage.

(This is VIP treatment.)

(Belly fart)


(His eyes blink along with the sound.)

(William is on eat.)

(These are beats made by belly farts.)

(One more time, Dad.)

You like that?



You're so cute.

You're so adorable.

You drive me crazy.

You grew up so much.

We have to prepare for the next step.

I learned something from Professor Ki.

The snack pole helped Rohee walk for the first time.

(Miraculous snack pole)

Will it work for William, too?

William, what's this?

You want to touch it, right?

You're sold, aren't you?

(He's responding to it.)

(It's too far away.)

Do you want to touch it?

(It's too far away.)

Come over here.

Come over here.

Shall we kiss?

I love playing with you, William.


Yes. Do you like it, too?

(I'll come to you!)


(He's giving his all, but it's no use.)


(I give up, Dad.)

William. Come on, William. Come on.

(William, don't give up.)



(You can do it, son.)

Yes, good.

Good. Good.

(Sam cheers him on.)

You can do it.

Nothing is impossible.

Keep going.

(I can't do it yet.)


You did well.


Are you hitting me?

(I could have done it.)

Are you hitting me?

You did a good job.

Good job. Yes.

Good job.

After the indoor workout, they go out for a walk.

(Sam looks uncomfortable.)

(He's wearing a baby sling.)

It looks quite different, doesn't it?


(Mandu and Gaji)

(It's a bit too much for Sam.)

We're a family.

I shouldn't take just William out.

Honestly, Mandu needs to exercise.

And Gaji likes to walk, too.

A family that exercises together is a happy family.


Isn't it nice to come out together?

Isn't this so exciting?


(Gaji is excited to be outside.)

Hey. Don't do that.

(Why did I do this?)

Hey. Gaji.

(Sam is being dragged.)

Are you uncomfortable?

You're comfortable, right?

I'm dying.

(He's only three minutes into the walk.)

I feel like I'm marching.

(Gaji did his business on the floor.)

(He's going back and forth.)

I'm really sorry, but could you help me

take out the plastic bag in my bag?

(He asks for help.)

Thank you.

(William ends up getting a sniff of it.)

(He's having a hard time walking.)

You're fine, right? Isn't it nice?

(What machine is Sam looking for?)

This is a really good machine.

The bench is really good.

You should just come and sit here.

You know what a bench is, right?


(I guess our walk is over.)

(Please report any safety hazard)

(through Safety Sinmungo.)

Are you doing something?

I want to help. I feel bad.

I'd love your help.

- But your clothes... / - Yes?

He still wears the same shirt from four years ago.

Put on the gloves first

and wear this around your waist.

(He turns into MacGyver.)

- Do you think you can do it? / - Of course.

I've been to the army.

- You have to go up higher. / - Okay.

Like this.

What's wrong?


(He looks like he's lost.)

Dad, what are you doing?

- I want to try it. / - No, you can't do it.

You said you'd go buy us coffee.

- Ice? / - Iced Americano.

- Iced Americano? / - Seoeon.

- Iced Americano? / - Yes.

- Is it spicy? / - Yes. Get three.

- Get juice for yourselves. / - Okay.

Go on.

Which way is it?

(The coffee expedition team heads off.)

Where can you drink coffee?

Coffee. Coffee.

Is it to the right or the left?

Just go down to the right.

Down to the right.

Right. Right. He says it's to the right.

- Which way? / - Right side is this way.

(Popping out)


- To the right. / - Go out this way.

Keep going this way

and go down the right. Right.

(I want to drink the coffee you get.)

This way?

Iced Americano. Iced Americano.

(Seojun runs without hesitation.)

Did you find it, Seojun?

Is it here?

Where do they sell iced Americano?

Seojun, did you find something?

We found it.

(We're here.)

Excuse me, we need coffee.

Do you have iced Americano?

Do you want two iced Americanos?

- Yes. / - Yes. No, three.

- Three? / - Yes.

- Whose is the other one? / - Dad's.

- Two juices. / - Two juices?

Which one tastes good?

The watermelon juice is delicious.

Do you want to drink the juice here or take it away?

We'll take it away.

- You're going to take it? / - Yes.

It's 25 dollars and 50 cents.

(The drinks cost 25 dollars and 50 cents.)

I only have one.

Just one? What about you, Seojun?

I only have one, too.

You can't buy all the drinks, then.

Out of the two juices and three coffees,

you have to cancel one drink. Which is it?

(These two have to make a decision.)

What should we do?

(They're all waiting for their coffee.)

They have to make a decision. What will they do?

- Which one? / - One coffee.

Should I cancel a coffee?

One coffee.

- Should I cancel a coffee? / - Yes.

Can we take it if we cancel a coffee?

You're still a little short.

If you take one juice out,

you can have three coffees and one juice.

(What will Seojun choose?)

Cancel one more coffee.

One coffee and two juices.

- One coffee and two juices? / - Yes.

Okay, please hold on.

Here are your drinks.

One of them is heavy and one is light.

Who will carry the heavy one?

Seoeon is stronger. He'll carry the heavy one.


- Be careful. / - I'll give this to Dad.

(Seojun ends up taking the heavier one.)

- Don't you need two more coffee? / - No.

Thank you.

- Bye. / - Bye.

One coffee...

Is one coffee enough?

(He's a little worried.)

This is too hard.


This is too hard. It's okay.

I can carry it by myself.

Seojun, is the juice too heavy?

- Is it heavy because there are two? / - Yes.


(Seoeon is helping his brother.)

- Dad. We're back. / - Okay.


(What about Seojun?)


(His walk shines even in Jeju Island.)

(I have no free hands. I should just continue.)


(He has to take small steps because of his pants.)

(I should pull it up, right?)

(I'm a gentleman.)

I'm back, too.

How many coffees did you bring?

- I brought one... / - What about the others?

- Didn't you get me one? / - I only got one.

- You only got one? / - Yes.

- I'm sleepy. / - Why?

We didn't have enough coins.

- You didn't have enough money? / - No.

You could have canceled the juice.

- You're making me sad. / - I'll go buy it.

Hurry up and buy it.

Seoeon goes back to the coffee shop.

(He's going back to buy more.)

Why are you back?

I have to buy two more coffees.

You're getting more?

- Can I buy it now? / - Yes, you can.

Where is Seojun?

He's drinking the juice.

- He's drinking? / - Yes.

What a good brother. You're good at running errands.

Sir, do you like living here?

It's not bad.

("The People Seoeon Met")

It has great air and water. We're near the ocean, too.

- Do you go to the sea a lot? / - I swim every day.

- You swim in the deep wide sea? / - Yes.

It's so big.

- Aren't you scared? / - No, I love swimming.

It's done, Mr. Lee.

Put your hand in here and be careful.

(He finished purchasing the extra coffee.)

Thank you.

(Thank you for watching "The People Seoeon Meets"/)

That afternoon.

- How is the weather, Seoeon? / - It's cloudy.

This is too bad. We were going to go to Udo Island.

(Hwijae asked for help on social media.)

In the comment section of his social media account,

many people recommended a trip to Udo Island.

(Udo Island was recommended by most people.)

I wonder if we can go in this weather.

You've reached the ferry for Udo Island.

A special weather report was received.

All ferries to Udo Island have been canceled.

(They have to cancel their plans.)

We can't go.

Why not?

It's raining and windy.

Seoeon, Seojun, where do you want to go?

- Kids' cafe. / - What?

Kids' cafe.

All right.

(Yes, Dad is the best!)

Thus they went to a kids' cafe.

- Okay, close your eyes. / - Like this?

Close your eyes. Close your eyes.

- Are they open or closed? / - Closed.

- Seoeon, are they open or closed? / - Closed.

- I can't see where I'm going. / - I'll hold you.

(They're so excited to go inside.)


two, three. Ta-da.



(I'm so excited.)

Go and play.


(Let's go, it's party time.)

(Like fish in water,)

(Seojun has fun.)

I want to try it, too.

(I'm the best at playing.)

Like a prince of socializing,

Seojun succeeded in taking over the kids' cafe.

(He gets on every ride.)

What is Seoeon doing?


- I want to do this. / - Hello.

- I want to do this. / - What is this fish?

- It's a stingray. / - You are good at this.

- What about this one? / - It's a starfish.

- What about this one? / - It's a seal.

A seal. What about the one on top?

I don't know.

It's a monkfish.

- A monkeyfish? / - Yes.

I want a blowfish.

You want a blowfish. I will give it to you.

Blowfish, I will make you pretty.


(What is it?)


What is it?

- What is your name? / - Seoyeong.

I am Seoeon.

What are you drawing?

- I am drawing a starfish. / - Mine is a blowfish.

(He imitates a blowfish.)

- Are you here with your mom? / - Yes.

- How old are you? / - I am four years old.

I am five years old.

(What else should I ask her?)

(His eyes and hands are working separately.)

(He feels shy when their eyes meet.)

Do you want to do mine?

- Do you want me to color it? / - Yes.

You should color it yourself.



Seojun, color it up to here.

I am Seoeon.

(He colors the blowfish on his own.)

- What do you think of my fish? / - It's pretty.


(Seoyeong's starfish and Seoeon's yellow blowfish)

I am going to put it on the screen.

Did you finish coloring it?

It will appear on this screen. We need to wait.

Let's wait.

(Seoeon's yellow blowfish appears on the screen.)

It's my blowfish.

It's my blowfish.

There are two blowfish.

Come with me. Let's go over there.

(They link arms.)

(What is Hwijae doing?)

What is Hwijae doing by himself?

(He is riding a big robot.)


- Do adults ride it alone? / - No, they don't.


Dad, I want to ride it, too.

Let's go.

(Father and son ride the robot together.)

(Hwijae and Seojun enjoy the ride.)

Take this.

My goodness.

(These two are enjoying a date.)

(They are filming a drama together.)

(They face each other as they go down the slide.)

I went the down the slide on my back.

Are they filming "Autumn in My Heart"?

(The children enjoy running around.)



- Hello. / - I want to do it, too.

- I want to do it, too. / - Hello.

- I want to do it, too. / - Hello.

- Hello. / - Seojun.

(The three of them enjoy a happy time together.)

Hold tight.

(There is more.)

- Let's go. / - Seoeon, hold Seoyeong's hand.

Where did the twins and Hwijae go to?



(They enter a large ball pool.)

Oh, my goodness.

The big slide attracts everyone's attention.

The twins must be very excited.

(His eyes are fixed on the slide.)

Seojun, can you ride it?

Do you want to ride it?

- I am scared. / - You're scared?

It's not scary at all.

- It's really fun. / - It's fun.

(What is Hwijae's solution?)

Hello, friend.

Are you ready?

(Hwijae volunteers to demonstrate.)

(He is a bit nervous.)

Let's go.

(Let's go.)


(That looks fun.)

That was incredible.

That was incredible. That was fun.

I want to do what you did.

- What is your name? / - Seojun.

- Seojun? How old are you? / - Yes.

- I am four years old. / - You are four years old.

- Good luck, Seojun. / - Okay.

- Good luck. / - Dad.

(It's a dizzying height.)

In one, two, three.

Let's watch Seoeon go down the slide.

That's Seojun.

Is that Seojun? Let's watch him go down the slide.

Okay, let's go.

(He lets the speed move his body.)

(He grimaces as he goes down the slide.)

(He moves through the wind.)

(It's a success.)

(Seojun is a racer.)

(My brother is amazing.)

(Hwijae claps like a seal at his son's success.)

- Was it fun? / - Yes.

(Seoeon is next.)


Are you ready?

Let's go.

Let's go.

(My goodness!)

(Seoeon enjoys the speed.)

Wasn't it fun?


It was fun.

(Sian is falling asleep.)

(Sua takes Sian into the room.)

Let's go.

Come in.

Come in.

(Sian tiptoes.)

(The children came into the room for a nap.)

(They learn to do things by themselves.)

Let's nap.

(They don't nag Donggook when he is busy.)

(Sua takes Seola as well.)

(Sian fell asleep.)

(They look adorable.)

The three siblings took a nap by themselves.

I am so proud of them.

- Hello. / - How is it going?

I've boiled the pumpkin.

I'm about to mash it now.

- Really? / - Yes.

- It shouldn't be too hot. / - I have it

in cold water right now.

What did you put in water?

- The pumpkin. / - Why did you do that?

It's cooked pumpkin.

My goodness, that reduces the sweetness.

- You shouldn't do that. / - I see.

What is this?

- It's a pumpkin. / - Take off your shoes.

- A pumpkin? / - Yes, a pumpkin.

It's a pumpkin.

(He boiled the pumpkin as he learned.)

My goodness, he could use that water.

(He even added cold water.)

He even washed it off in cold water.

I need to cool it down.

It's as if he was determined to reduce the sweetness.

I see. So I shouldn't have discarded the water.

No, you shouldn't have.

The thing is,

- I boiled the pumpkin. / - Okay.

But then, I discarded the water.

My goodness.

The water contains the sweetness of pumpkin.

I must have explained it wrong.

No, you didn't.

I underestimated making kimchi to be easier.

What should we do?

What should I do? I have four pieces of pumpkin here.

Add a little bit of water

and boil them again.

Why are you still working on seasoning?

- I know. / - I am surprised.

- There are so many ingredients to prepare. / - Right?

I don't know how my mother did this.

- Call me if you get stuck again. / - Okay.

- Good luck. / - Thank you.

I am losing my drive.

I was doing so well, too.

I ruined the pumpkin.

(Is there a way?)

(He found something.)

This should add to the sweetness.

(He found green plum syrup.)

Let's do this.

(He adds the pumpkin water, which he made again,)

(and ripe persimmon.)

(Then he adds spring onion and mustard leaf.)

(Garlic and ginger are added, too.)

I added ginger.

I will enjoy this.

He finally mixes the sauce five hours after he started.

(Look at his toes.)

It looks like even his toes are concentrating.

Speaking of which, Sian flexes his toes

when he concentrates, too.

It seems the father and son have similar toes.

(His face shows concentration.)

(His toes are dancing.)

(Donggook's toes move with the rhythm.)

Dad, what are you doing?

Who is awake?

It's Seola.

Seola is awake.

- What are you doing? / -I'm making kimchi.

Do you want to help me?

Seola, this is mine.

This is for Seola, Sua and Sian.

All right.

(He prepared ingredients for children.)

Use chili pepper powder to make kimchi for adults

- and bell pepper for the children's kimchi. / - Okay.


(He worried the children might wake up.)


(He made kimchi sauce for the children.)

The taste comes from your hands.

They say the taste comes from your hands.

(The father and daughter work together.)

They finished making

two kinds of kimchi sauce for adults and children.

(The children's kimchi sauce is complete.)

(Sian woke up from his nap.)

(He poses like a model.)


(He even shows a smile.)


(Getting up)

(The nap replenished his energy.)

It's Sian.


Do you know what I am doing?

- Pizza. / - What?

Dad is making kimchi.

It's kimchi.

(Donggook, Seola, Sua and Sian make kimchi.)

- This? / - Yes.

Hand me a cabbage.

(They put on rubber gloves.)


(They deliver the cabbages quickly.)

Thank you. Thank you.


A lot?

Yes, bring me a lot.

You can put it there. Sian, you are great.

Bring me a lot of cabbages.

There you go.

(He doesn't stop delivering cabbages.)

Good job.

You are amazing.

You are helping me.

I will tear it.

Try tearing it.


(Seola tears the cabbages)

(and Sua adds kimchi paste.)

Rub it on each leaf.

Rub it on each leaf. There you go.

Move on to the next leaf. There you go.

- Add more? / - Yes, add more.

Sua, you are doing great. Very good.

Dad, is this mild?

Yes, it is.

(Sua tries it.)

(What is this taste?)

(I need another bite.)

It's not bad.

but it's not good, either.

What do you think?

- It's tasty. / - Really?

Really? Is it tasty?

I made the paste especially for Sua, Seola and Sian.

(It's time to pick up the pace.)

(He works hard on making kimchi.)

Donggook picks up his pace.

(He adds paste for a while.)

However, though he has added paste for a while,

the kimchi-making is nowhere near done.

(The work is nowhere near done.)

(My back hurts.)

(The fall looks different.)

Lee Donggook!

(Volley of kimchi-making)

(Soccer was easier.)

(He holds out his hands because of the paste.)


(Are you okay?)


Help me.

(It's time for me to intervene.)

Help me.

(He performs CPR.)

(He presses down on the chest.)


(He gives a mouth-to-mouth love.)

Good job.

You revived me.

I can continue making kimchi now.

Thanks to Sian's loving CPR,

Donggook gathers his energy.

And that's how Donggook made his first kimchi.

(He finished kimchi for children as well.)

(He even wrote down their names.)

He marks the kimchi for his children.

His mission is finally complete.

(Donggook finished making kimchi for 2017.)

This is for Seola, Sua and Sian.

Follow me. You can put it down.


Sit down. I will make you a tasty dish.

Sian, sit down.

(Is there something other than kimchi?)

This is incredible.

- What is it? / - Look at this.

- What is it? / - What is it?

- What is it? / - What is it?

Look at this.

- It's boiled pork. / - Doesn't it look tasty?

It's pork belly.

Is it pork belly?

This will taste great with kimchi.

It will taste amazing.

- It will taste amazing. / - Try this.

(He slices some kimchi for the children.)

(The children taste the condiments.)

Try this.

(The sweet taste tells me it's sugar.)

Let's put it here.

Hey, what are you eating?

For goodness' sake.

It's sugar. Stop.

(Let me have another taste.)

I boiled pumpkin to get the sweetness

so that I wouldn't have to add sugar.

You shouldn't eat sugar.

(Seola, try this.)


(He can't take his eyes off of them for one second.)


All right. Wait a minute.

It's food.

(Is this kimchi made with bell pepper?)

Have a bite. It will taste amazing.

(I will try it.)

The meat is tasty.

It is tasty, right?

It's tasty because you cooked it.

Thank you.


(Shall I give it a taste?)

Is it tasty, Sian?


Sian, isn't it tasty?

How did you like making kimchi?

- It was nice. / - It was nice.

Should I keep on making kimchi?

I think this will be the last time I make it.

(I predict you will make it again next year.)

My back hurts.


- Hello. / - Hi, it's been a while.

Say hello.

- Hello. / - Hello.

This is kimchi.

I made kimchi with the children.


- My goodness. / - We made kimchi today.

My goodness, thank you.

- Enjoy it. / - Okay.

- Enjoy it. / - I will.

- Hello. / - She is Jaesi's friend, right?

Enjoy it.

Enjoy it.

It felt like a soccer match that I don't regret.

Since I made the kimchi as best as I could,

I will eat it sparingly.

I don't exactly know how to describe the taste.

It tastes like kimchi.

I don't know what else to say.

I wouldn't know what to say if people disagree.

This is a gift from Sian.

It smells good.

There you go.

(Soeul tries the kimchi.)

Soeul, you are eating well.

Thumbs up!

(Sian's kimchi gets a thumbs-up.)

It's not spicy.

- Really? / - It's not spicy.

Sian, thank you.

Where is Sian?

Sian is on the phone.

- I want to see him. / - He is on the phone.

- Say, "Sian." / - I want to see him.

I want to see him.

- Say, "Sian." / - I want to see him.

I will send this video to Sian.

Thank you, Sian.

We were delighted to receive the kimchi.

I think it has the right amount

of salted shrimp and paste.

Next time, I'll send you kimchi I made.

I will taste kimchi that was made

by the champion of Asia.


It's tasty. It really is, but...

Did you add everything?

You should have added fewer ingredients.

It's tasty nonetheless.

Sam and William are back home.

(He is in good mood.)

Who is that?

(He plays with a mirror.)

(Who is that?)

William is captivated by his own reflection.

(I don't know who that is, but he is cute.)

Who is that?

Who is that?


(His eyes are fixed on the mirror.)

(He fell for the baby in the mirror.)

This is hilarious.

(Sam finds him adorable.)


(He is so into it.)



(He even makes bubbles.)

What are you doing?

You need to calm down.

(Don't hold me back.)

We appoint him as the prince of mirror.

(William has irresistible charms.)

What is it?

(William begins to fret all of the sudden.)

What is it? Don't you like it?

Don't you like it?

(The dog is tired.)

All right. All right.

(I don't want to look in the mirror.)

What is it, William?

(What is wrong with William?)

(He pulls a prank William likes.)

(It doesn't make him happy.)

Let's change your diaper.


(He's still crying after changing the diaper.)

(Sam gets up.)

(He belatedly prepares baby formula.)

(It is past William's mealtime.)

Hey, all right. All right. Come on.

(His movement is slow because he is holding William.)

William, hold on.

(He shakes the bottle front and back.)

All right. All right. Hold on.

Hold on. I am sorry.

I am sorry.

(I am hungry.)


Okay, okay.

(He wants to feed William right away.)

William. William.

(William is never like this.)


(William is never like this.)

I am sorry I was late.

You must be tired and hungry. My goodness.

William, you won't be able to eat if you keep crying.


William, who is that?

- Who is that? / - Hello, William!

Who is that?

What happened?

Why are you sad?

Are you not in a good mood?

He cried for a while.

- Did he cry for a while? / - Yes.

Sam, maybe the house is cold.

- No, it's really hot in here. / - Did he poop?

No, he didn't.

I think it was because his meal was late.

He cried very hard.

Make him comfortable.

He cried very hard

and refused to eat.

That happens. You need to calm him down first.

- Okay. I will call you later. / - Okay.

(Yumi is busy with work.)

(It seemed like he was calming down.)

(He refuses to eat again.)

Hey, hey.

(Sam is covered in sweat.)

(White noise)

Sam tries everything he learned to soothe William.


Although the novice dad is afraid of the new situation,

he holds his son and does his best.

(William finally falls asleep.)

(He carefully enters the bedroom.)

(Why am I falling asleep?)

(He whimpers when Sam tries to put him down.)

(Sam moves to the living room again.)


(Sam picks something up.)

(He gives William a pacifier.)

(My back hurts.)

(He soothes William for 30 more minutes.)

(William finally fell asleep.)


(He managed to put William to sleep in an hour.)


After crying and fussing, William finally fell asleep.

Does he know how worried his dad was?

He's regained his calm looks.


(Childbearing is a physical and emotional labor.)

My goodness.

(He lies on the floor.)

It's not easy to be a dad.


I am so...

(I am so...)

l am so lacking.

(There is a reason why he feels bad for William.)

My goodness.

(Something caught his eyes during the walk.)

Please give me one chicken.

(Roasted chicken)

This is fishcake.

You will eat it later.

(Sam filled his stomach,)

(but William missed his mealtime.)

(He's overcome with regret.)

(He ends up shedding tears.)

(I am sorry, my son.)

(He is covered in tears and sweat.)

I realized

that I'm lacking as a father.

I really wanted to have a child.

We had him after many struggles.

I am not good at child-rearing.

(I guess I'm selfish.)

Perhaps I was too selfish.

I felt very lacking.

What time is it?

(Sam calls someone.)

- Hello. / - Hello.

- Hello, Sam. / - Hello.

- Have you been well? / - I am dying.

What happened?

William cried so hard. I finally put him to bed.

Why did he cry?

I don't know. I have never seen him cry so hard.

Why is it so hard?

Babies don't cry for no reason.

- Okay. / - I am sure there is a reason.

He spits all day these days.

He is like a middle schooler.

(He consults Taeyoung on childcare.)

If you show a big reaction,

he might perceive it as a game and keep going.

I see.

- Don't show a reaction. / - Okay.

Pretend not to see it the next time.

He might stop if it's no longer fun.

Do you want me to visit tomorrow?

I would be grateful.

(Taeyoung decides to check up on Sam.)

I should eat something.

(He feels calm.)

I am exhausted.

(He brings out some plastic bags.)


I am sorry, but let me eat first.

My goodness.

(The roasted chicken is golden brown.)

(He takes a piece of the chicken.)

It looks tasty.


(The chicken comforts Sam.)

(He gives a piece to Gaji.)


(He gives a piece to Mandu, too.)

Good job.


I need to eat, too.


(Oh, yes.)

(He gives a thumbs-up.)

It's so tasty.

(Food you eat while babysitting has no calories.)

(We're hungry, too.)

This is why they say, "No pain, no gain."

(This is the gain after the pain.)

You guys did a great job today.

William and you will be good friends when he grows up.

He'll play with you guys every day.

You guys are a huge help.

You guys are such great babysitters.

(Mandu and Gaji are great babysitters.)

We're such an international family.

Mom is from Korea,

Dad is from Australia,

Mandu is from China

and Gaji is from the US.

William is

half-Australian and half-Korean.

He's both Australian and Korean.

(William is half-Australian and half-Korean.)

We're like the United Nations.

(Sam's UN family)

Do you know what's the perk of eating like this?

(Sam is enjoying the chicken.)

You don't have to do any dishes.


(Just then, William whimpers.)


(Sam puts William back to sleep.)

(Sam looks after William all night long.)

(William wakes up and Sam holds him.)

I got you, buddy.

(Sam gives him milk.)

(Sam burps William and puts him in the bouncer.)

(It's especially hard to put William to sleep tonight.)

Dad's back is hurting.

It's time to go off to dreamland.

(Sam carefully puts William down.)

(Sam caresses the baby.)

(Sam falls asleep sitting up next to William.)

(William is wide awake.)

(Sam tries to put him back to sleep.)

(William is finally asleep.)

(At last, Sam lies down comfortably.)

There's no right answer when it comes to babysitting.

It's not like you need a license to become a dad.

It's been a huge challenge for me.

I've learned so much.

(You did a great job, Sam.)

It's still raining in Jeju Island.

It's raining.

I want to stay here.

- You want to stay here? / - Yes.

You like smelling things, right? It smells so good.

(The two enjoy breathing in the fresh air.)

Smell the rain, trees and flowers.

- What do you do when it rains? / - You buy umbrellas.

Should we buy umbrellas?

I'm going to the supermarket.

Don't fight while I'm away.

Dad, see you later.

Are you going far?

No. I'll be right back.

(Hwijae sets off on his scooter.)

(He rides through the rain.)

Hwijae sets off in the winter rain.

(He's thinking of something.)

Hwijae suddenly slows down and looks around.

(He suddenly makes a turn.)

What's going on?

- He's going back. / - Is he going back?

Why is he going back?

Hwijae rides away from the staff all of a sudden.


Where is he going?

(He's riding towards the quay.)

(What is he thinking?)

(He reaches the end of the breakwater.)

(The strong wind and high waves)

(seem like they'll swallow him up at any moment.)

(He casts an imaginary fishing line in the air.)

Do you need some time alone?

I do.

Look at that seagull. It looks just like me.



Dad is going through menopause.

(Hang in there, all dads!)

(He's finally at the supermarket.)

- Hello. / - The twins' dad is here.

People call me the twins' dad now.

(It's soju.)

On a rainy morning...

(He picks up food for the kids.)

(Hwijae is on his way back home.)

Seoeon, Seojun.

(What are they up to now?)

Seoeon, Seojun.

What's that?

What's that?

It's water.

Water? Is it for me?

Welcome back.

Thank you.

(Hwijae gets two cups of water from the twins.)

Seoeon, do you want to have a pillow fight?

(Seoeon is not interested.)

Do you want to have a pillow fight?

Let's have a pillow fight!

Seojun, doesn't your brother want to play with you?

Seoeon, have a pillow fight with Seojun.

(Was I too cold?)

I'll be it.

Should we play hide-and-seek?

Or red light green light?

I don't want to play.

(He coldly says no.)

Then let's have a pillow fight.

It doesn't matter.

(It's too late now.)

(There's tension in the air.)

Play hide-and-seek alone.

How can he play hide-and-seek alone?

Seoeon didn't play with me so I won't play with him.

(I didn't mean it.)

(Seojun is hurt.)

(Seoeon goes into the room.)

(He closes the door.)

(Why did things end up like this?)

The twins hurt each other's feeling.

Will things remain this way?

I'm sorry.

Is anyone there?

(Seojun's apology made Seoeon feel better.)

Is anyone there?

No one is here.

I see.

(The twins open their hearts again.)

Who hit me?

Do you know who hit me?

I didn't hit you.

Who was it?

I didn't hit you.

- Who hit me? / - Dad hit you.


Dad, did you hit me?


(It was you, Seojun!)

What are you talking about?

(They forgot about the fight.)

What is this?

(They're wrestling.)

I can see your butt.


Try taking off my pants.

The pants are off.

(They do silly things with their bodies again.)

When in Jeju Island, you have to try their pork dish.

What's this?

It's a pig.

Look at the nose.

(It's a pig sculpture.)

Let's touch it.

I want to touch the nose.

(Please give me a little brother.)

- Stay healthy. / - Take care.

Let's go in.

- Excuse me! / - That's a rude customer.

- Say, "Excuse me." / - Excuse me.

- Excuse me. / - Excuse me.

- Excuse me. / - Good.

- Excuse me. / - Very good.

We'd like to order.

We're ready to eat pork.

Please make it tasty.

Thick slices of pork belly from Jeju Island

have been grilled until golden brown.


- Thank you. / - Thank you.

- Thank you. / - Wait.

It tastes great.

(They cover the meat with bean flour.)

It's so tasty.

It tastes great.

(Seoeon covers the meat completely with bean flour.)

I came here for you guys.

It tastes so good.

This is how you eat it.

You wrap the meat with seasoned Myeong-yi.

I want to try it.

- Are you sure? / - I want to try it.

Look at this.

Try the meat with the seasoned Myeong-yi.

Hurry up.

It's good for you. Open your mouth.

Here it comes.

(The meat flies into Seojun's mouth.)

I want it, too.

It's tasty, right?

(It's Seoeon's turn now.)

I don't want to go in.

(Come on.)

You're not supposed to like this yet.

(He gives a thumbs-up.)

You like it?

You love it?

I didn't expect this.

Here comes the pork.

(The pork is on its way.)

(His mouth opens like an automatic door.)

It's tasty, right?

I want to have the seasoned Myeong-yi again.

- You're unbelievable. / - it's tasty.

It's tasty because it's from Korea.

Please give us some more vegetables.

(They eat)

(and eat.)

(I didn't know it tastes so good.)

I want to drink the broth.

Okay. Hold the bowl.

Be careful.

(They enjoy the noodles.)


(Seoeon looks like a squirrel.)

I'm hungry. I should eat some food.

(Seojun takes a big bite.)

(Seoeon drinks the soup from the bowl.)

(You guys are amazing.)

(They finished the noodles.)

Show me.

(Soeul enjoys speed.)

Do you think she's good?

I want to ride it, too.

(What happened?)

(Her eyes have become big.)

Why is Soeul so surprised?

Look at those cute, small feet

and ears.

Whose tail is this?

It's her!

(Who is it?)


(They finally meet again.)


I really like you.

Let's meet again.

Gosher, visit us sometime.

I miss Bosuk.

I miss Bosuk.

I miss Gosher.

(They missed the horses.)

To keep my promise,

I called them and asked if they could come to Seoul.

And luckily for me, they said they could.

It'd make the kids so happy.

- Ta-da. / - Yes!

- Yes! / - Yes!



We met again!

I invited them here.

This is exciting!

Hi, Gosher.


I'm so happy to meet them again.

- Aren't you scared? / - No, I'm not.

I'm so happy to see her.

She seems hungry.

I'll get you some grass.

Should I try with this one?

- Try it. / - Here.

(Soeul gives Bosuk a leaf.)

- Hi, Soeul. / - Hello.

- Hello. / - I brought the horses here

- since Soeul missed them. / - Thank you.

Soeul, these are lunches for the horses.

Please feed them later, okay?

- Okay. / - Okay.

Can the horses walk around in the city?

Keep them on a leash

and clean up after them.

- Then it's no problem. / - Can they walk with us?

I see.

We'll have fun with them.

See you later.

- Dad, can I bring Mom here? / - Sure.

- Do you want her to see them? / - Yes.

Mom, come here.


The horses are here.

It doesn't make sense, does it?

- It doesn't make any sense. / - Come with me.

Are there horses?

Hurry up.

There are horses.

They're right here. Why doesn't it make sense?

(It is a real horse.)

- Look at them. / - Daeul.


(They made a strong first impression.)

Introduce Mom to Gosher.

Mom, Gosher is three years old.

Gosher, this is my mom.

(She's doing great.)

My mom is...

- Who is it behind me? / - Go.

(Mom is scared.)

Go away.

(Look at your mom.)

(Soeul tries to calm the situation down.)

You can't eat my mom.

Are you hungry? All right. I'll give you some food.

Come here. I'll give you some food.

Mom, hold on.

Stay still.

Mom, move to the side.

(Daeul is like a big brother.)


(Soeul rescued her mom.)

- They're sitting down. / - Have fun.

- Okay, Mom. / - Okay, Mom.

(Have fun.)

- Soeul, Daeul. / - Yes?

We need to buy some snacks for them.

- Are they coming with us? / - Yes.


- Okay? / - Okay.

(They're going to buy some snacks.)

Come here.

(Gosher is distracted.)

He's eating the grass.

Are you hungry?

Does it taste good?

He's eating it.

- Hello. / - Hello.

They're so pretty.

Who are they?

Her name is Bosuk.

- Bosuk? / - Yes.

She's so pretty.

- She's 60. / - Is she 60?

I see. She's very pretty.

All right.

(They stop at the supermarket.)

What did they eat for snacks last time?

They ate tangerines

- Tangerines? / - and sugar cubes.

Yes, they had tangerines and sugar cubes.

Buy those with this money.

(They go in hand-in-hand.)

Buy tangerines and sugar cubes.

- Okay. / - Okay.

- Buy food for the horses. / - Okay.

- Don't buy any cookies. / - Okay.

- Where are sugar cubes? / - What about this?

(Daeul wants cookies.)

- This? / - Yes.

I don't think we have enough money.

- How much is it? / - I want it.

Let's buy it if we have enough money.

This is all the money we have.

We can't buy it now.

(See you later.)

Where are the sugar cubes?

They're over there.

(Soeul follows the direction.)

Where are they?

There they are. I can't reach them.

What should I do?

(Soeul is clever.)

I'll step on this.

Let's see.

(Soeul steps on the chair to reach it.)

(Bumsoo hums the music from cowboy movies.)

Do you know this song?

Aren't you hungry?

It's lunchtime.

(It's already lunchtime.)

- They're horses. / - Yes, they are.

(They're surprised to see horses in the city.)

They look like toys.

I've never seen such small horses.

(They're being adored.)

- We should taste them. / - What's this?

Soeul, should we buy these?

Let's do that.

Let's go.

It's 11 dollars.

What should we do?


(He grabs a box of biscuits.)

(They buy it with the money that's left.)

Here you go.

After buying tangerines and sugar cubes we had some

money left and he wanted to eat it, so I bought it.

- Is that so? / - Yes.

- We still have change. / - You can't have these.

I will keep liking it, though.

- You bought these. Good job. / - My snack.

Where did they go after buying snacks?

Daeul, shall we go by the tree and take a rest?

Dad, how about here?

It's nice.

Soeul, let's take a rest there.

We better give them some food, right?

(Give some food to the horses.)

Don't you think so?

Bumsoo prepared the horses' lunch with love.

- That's it. / - Help yourselves.

(Soeul and Daeul deliver the carrots to the horses.)

Leave one over there.

Soeul, leave it here.

Help yourself.

Enjoy your meal.

You need to go get water for them to drink

- since they just had their meal. / - All right.


Let's go.

(Soeul and Daeul went to get some water.)

Where's water?

♪ Water, water, water ♪

(Daeul wears the plastic bowl like a hat.)

You didn't know where water was, did you?

(She fills her bowl with water for the horses.)

This is how you're supposed

(Soeul demonstrates.)

to drink from here.

Twist the cap to drink water.

(It's his first time to drink from a water fountain.)

Did you drink some?

Did you drink?

How did it taste?

I knew it. Are you done drinking?

It's delicious.

Carry this one. I'll carry this.

Let's go.

(Soeul and Daeul start delivering water.)

Let's go give them water. Walk slowly.

Walk slowly.

Slowly, slowly, slowly.

Here you go. Have some water.

Slowly, slowly.

(Daeul does his best until the end.)

Good job, Daeul.

Have some water.

He's drinking water.

(There's another family on a picnic.)

- I want to play with them. / - All right.

(Soeul approaches them energetically.)

- Hello. / - Hello.

- What is your name? / - Soeul.

Hello, friend.

What's your name?


Do you want to see the horse?

(Let me introduce my friends to you.)


(Eve strokes the horse's back.)

Her name is Jewelry.


Her name is Gosher.

(Daeul goes to Soeul.)

Soeul, her name is Gosher.

Yes, Gosher. Just stay there.

(Why is Little Man suddenly busy?)

(He found a cool boy.)


(He took courage and approached him.)

- Come around this way. / - Hey.

(He runs away from him.)

- Daddy. / - Yes?

He's not playing with me.

Give him these. You can have two of them.

(Give him some food.)

Give him two tangerines.

(I'll bring a handful of tangerines to him.)

(His heart races.)

Thank you.

Say, "Thank you."

Then I'll give you two of them and I'll keep two.


(Here you go.)

(She gives the same amount to the horses.)

- Just give it to them like this, / - Like this.

and the horses will eat.

Your english is really good.

(She's impressed with Soeul's English.)

(My sister speaks English really well.)

Enjoy your time. Bye.

(They were given permission to film beforehand.)

(Koreans' safety campaign, Safety Sinmungo)

(Safety Sinmungo app ensures your safety.)

(Please report any safety hazard)

(through Safety Sinmungo.)

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