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(Leader's life explorer)

(Today, Show Champion appearance team has chosen representatives from each group)

(It's a time when the leaders are the objects of our in-depth study)

(17's general leader, S.Coups)

-He's loyal -That's what I was going to say

-He thinks about the other members -He's dependable

Although he's like a kid, he's dependable

-Although he's cute -He's a trustworthy leader

(Thankful even for the general leader, S.Coups' existence) -We are very thankful because he's our leader

(To analyse the leader deeper, we will ask a few questions to the members!)

[The first question]

(While walking alone in the mountains, what if the leader meets a bear 1 to 1?)

(Of course) -He will fight it (Like a leader) -Coups will win

Coups is stronger than what you expect so he would be able to win

That's how much we trust him

Will he never run away?

No, he might run away too because it's a bear

(No matter what, bear is a bit...) -I've never seen a bear in the mountain yet

But if he eventually comes across a bear, he might fight it

(Later) -Try to ask him, "What are you going to do in that situation?"

I think he would say "I will fight it"

(We asked the same question to the leader)

You are in the mountains and you meet a bear 1 to 1

-What are you going to do? -I would climb a tree

-So you're going to run? -What if you eventually meet it?

I will fight it then. What else can I do?

(The outcome is the same as Seungkwan's answer!)

(Is ready to fight a bear, braver leader S.Coups!)

[The second question]

(The leader treats the members to a meal! After eating, it turns out that he left his wallet!)

(The other members don't have their wallets with them too. What would the leader do?)

Coups will find a solution!

(So.. how?) -Firstly, realistically

-You better speak well -What's that?

Have you been listening?

Coups will call someone close and tell him to bring his wallet

Bring his wallet or ask them for a favor

(For the bill) -Or use someone else's card

Or he will tell someone his name and borrow money from someone

"I am 17's S.Coups ..."

He would explain the situation

-What if he can't call anyone? -If that's the case

But in that situation, he can personally come home and get the wallet

Also, he's not the type to eat and run away

Our leader is a really great leader

(We asked the same question to the leader)

You are about to pay

(Here too, leader and the kids who are immersed into the situation) -But then you find out that you have no card

Because you said that you were going to treat us, none of the kids brought their wallets

-The kids? -We ate beef so the bill is 1.56 million won

-You were going to pay but you didn't bring anything -You don't even have your phone with you

-If I don't have my wallet with me? -What would you do?

-We will work together -Together?

Not the ment for entertainment purpose, honestly

Truthfully, if that happens

The owner is mad, "What are you going to do?"

Then I would tell the kids to go to the dorm and bring back the wallet

-Why? -He's this kind of person

[The third question]

(What if our team leader gets 100 million from winning the lottery?)

It seems like he would at least treat us for a meal

Because Coups is usually, if he receives any pocket money

Anyway, he would never

-The fact that he won the lottery -He would never hide it

-He likes to show-off -He also likes to tell us

The moment he wins the lottery, what would be the first thing Coups say to the members?

"Hey! Hey! This is amazing, really"

(Pupils expanding) -"This is amazing. I just won the lottery"

(Everyone becoming Choi Seungcheol) -Should I tell you?

This is a secret, only you guys know

Anyway, everyone knows later

(But) -He wouldn't spend for luxury -He would think about it

(We asked the same question to the leader)

We don't know about it yet but you've won 100 million from the lottery

-Then, what would you do? -I won 100 million!

(Have you ever seen a leader this easy) -I won 100 million! Me!

The moment he wins the lottery, what would be the first thing Coups says to the members?

(Not a slightest mistake! Scored as predicted!)

(Very excited) -I won 100 million!

Are you going to buy something for us?

If you ask for something then I will

-"Let's go to eat" -If you ask for a meal then I think I would do it

He does it a lot usually

-What about the remaining money? -The remaining money

I would save the remaining money

He's very realistic

(They are people with desires) -You are usually not like that though

Of course I would keep as savings

-I told you that he's not gonna spend for luxury -I told you that he's gonna think about it

(Through a few questions we've asked today)

(We've studied each group leader)

(As a representative who leads the team)

(To all leaders who have always been a dependable support to the members!)

(Always cheer up! Mak PD will always be supporting you too!)

(Leader's last words)

-We're leaving -What did the other members say about me?

(They guessed the answers very accurately) -Come here

I'm only worried about you. What did you say?

-I only said nice things -Really?

-There wasn't anything bad -What did you answer if I meet a bear?

I said that you would fight it

But wouldn't you also run away

As much as you think how I am like

I am not that coward and mean

Because what you've said is for entertainment

I would think of it like that, I understand

Then, what do you think of the members?

(Exactly) -What do you think of member Jeonghan? Answer it honestly, I'm leaving

(Leaving after throwing the question...) -Member Jeonghan?

A swindler x2

What did you say? Did you say that I'm a jerk?

(Swindler comes running) -Look at him, after guessing it wrong -What did you say?

(Swindler! Swindler!)

(Today too, peaceful 17 land) -What were you saying? I think there's something though