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(Underground 3rd Floor)
(The legend has not ended yet)

(Weekly Idol 5th Anniversary Special Family Day Part 2)

(The start of the festival of 5th anniversary)

(Gorgeous congratulation greetings from the family idols)

(Temporary pain is the bonus...)

(Overflowing eruption of energy and joy)

(Rewriting underground 3rd floor's new history)

(Thousands of topics! Attention focused!)

(5th Anniversary Special Part 3 Starts Now!)

Hani: Weekly Idol 5th Anniversary Special Part 3!

Hani: Yes, we prepared events that are beyond your expectations

Heechul: The moment when you heard the program title

Heechul: You would think "Yah, this is the special"

Hani: Yes, we have prepared those


Hani: Weekly Idol 5th Anniversary Special Part 3

Hani: Just right, from today we go out from underground 3rd floor, riding beep beep, feeling shy shy shy

(Weekly Idol, Please Go Outdoor!)


Coni: Please Go Outdoor~

(Weekly Idol had been filming in underground 3rd floor basement for 5 years)

Hani: For 5th Anniversary, the first time in 5 years!

(Limited Edition Outdoor Filming Decision)


(By doing missions, idols can decide where and what to do for the outdoor filming)

(Finally, one team will be chosen to do the outdoor filming)

Coni: Now, the time of filming has been confirmed

Coni: When? When the producers call, we will do it together


(Go for it!)

Hani: Now everyone please write where and what should be done during the outdoor filming

('Where?' 'What to do?' is decided by the idols)

(Jackson & BamBam are having other schedules now)


(Each team are starting to discuss)

Ilhoon: Let's do it at swimming pool

Eunkwang: Oh, swimming pool

Hyunsik: Subway is fine too, isn't it?

(Sudden idea)

Eunkwang: Mart!
Ilhoon: Mart!

(GFRIEND's idea is going to the market with a lot of people)

(Decisive Umji)

Youngjae: I think it's fine to just write it randomly

JR: I agree with you

(Pro-idol planning the event)

Heechul: Ah, is this possible?

Nayeon: Yes, do you have any other suggestions?

Heechul: No, this idea is really good
(Perfect comedy type answer)

Nayeon: Ah, really?

(Thank God)

Heechul: Shall we look at GOT7's contents?
(Now let's reveal each team's discussion contents)

Coni: Where? X2

(Where? Somewhere outdoor with a white background)

Coni: If that's the case we will go to Israel's Wailing Wall

(That's a bit...)

Coni: It doesn't matter where it is right?
JB: Yeah

(What to do? Group rope jumping for 50 times)

(Wide open)

Coni: So doing group rope jumping at an outdoor white background for 50 times?

(Next is BTOB's presentation)
Heechul: BTOB~

Eunkwang: Yes! BTOB is here!

Coni: Where? X2

Eunkwang: Han River's Swimming Pool

MC: In front of Yeouido?

Eunkwang: Yes, there are a lot of people
(The place which is currently *HOT*)
*Hot = Popular*

(What?) Eunkwang: Ugly Dance!

(Heol... Daebak)

(Ah Hyung.. Please...)

(Last week- Eun-Abnormal's enthusiastic ugly dance)

(Simple-minded idols that gathered together were ashamed while dancing the ugly dance)

(Sorry we couldn't protect your image in front of your fans while performing this)

Coni: BTOB did well

(Heechul is impressed! As expected! Master of Entertainment BTOB!)

(Let the crazy ugly dance to make this world a more complicated place)

MCs: Wow very good!

(Determined not to get caught again)

MC: Group rope jumping

MCs: Next, our GFRIEND where?

(Where?) Market

Hani: At any market

Heechul: No matter where, any market will do, right?

(As long as it's a market, it's OK)

MCs: What are you planning to do at a market?

Free hug for 100 people

Ilhoon: Wait! 100 people per member?

Minhyuk: Can I go too?

Heechul: Please line up! I will make reservations for you!

Coni: If Minhyuk goes, Heechul should go as well

(Previously on Weekly Idol- let's review what happened at the underground 3rd floor~)

(Heechul and Minhyuk... A hot romance)

(Chulie & Minhyuk... Their friendship will go on forever...)

(Du durudu du durudu)

Coni: Let's practice X2

(Chulie & Minhyuk's hug at live broadcast!)

(In a flash)

(Mentally paralyzed)

(So funny kekeke)

Hani: Shall we look at TWICE's?

(Where? In front of JYP's office)

(What to do? Eat sashimi)

Coni: That's cute
(Gulping... I bet it tastes good)

Coni: Let's start choosing now

Hani: To choose "where", the rule of the game is very easy

Hani: Every team will choose to sing a song that will gain the highest result and the most jolly song

Hani: After performing a jolly song, you will receive a score from KTV

Hani: The group that receives the lowest score, their "where" will get chosen

Hani: and that will become Weekly Idol's next outdoor shooting location

Heechul: Everyone let's just enjoy ourselves like you usually do
(High score is expected if they sing like their usual selves)

(It's time to choose the best trot song)

(Serious world)

Ilhoon: Let's sing She's Gone

(Main Vocal Youngjae seems like he chose a song already)

(What songs that the idols chose personally would be like?)

Heechul: First, should we start with big sunbae BTOB?

(Indeed BTOB is chosen for opening)

Defconn: Actually it was not the important one

Defconn: This is the most important one
Heechul: Ugly dance is most important

(Ugly Dance <= The MCs Plan)

(I will fulfill the MCs wish)

(Unlimited supply of special items)

(The age which is focusing on the cute items)

(It seems funny already)

(Unable to act normally, this person's uniqueness)

Coni: Wow Changsub really.. this is fatal
(Masterpiece - Sub Grandma was born)

Coni: Grandma X3


(You're the best! Whatever Changsub wants to do, he can do it)

(At the end every member is abnormal)
Hani: What to do with this oppa

Wow... he's really a grandma!

(Giving some fan services to the audience)

Awe... awesome

(Truly astonished)

(BTOB's dressing up is complete)
Coni: Everyone, are you ready?

BTOB: Yes we are ready

Hani: What is it~ What is it~

(Following the original song, challenging So Chan Whee's high note)

MC: Tears, isn't it? Is So Chan Whee's Tears, right?

(Starting from Jeonju)

Eunkwang: Come on, everyone!

Eunkwang: Jumppppppppppp~~~~~~

(Let's go!)

(Kkyaang so fun)

(One Person, 2 Characters MC Kwang)
Eunkwang: Let's be sincere and wish Weekly Idol a happy 5th anniversary

Eunkwang: In the future's 500 years, 5,000 years, 50,000 years! Hope that it will go on forever!

Eunkwang: Weekly Idol, hwaiting!

(Attracted to the joy storm)

(Assa so fun)

(Silver light is the most handsome when he is singing

(Shy Shy Shy Shy Shy Shy)

(This guy looks so normal when he sings)

(The vocals richness BTOB are all ready)

(Lead rapper's high note)

(This is the majesty of the rich vocal singer)



(The 7TOB SHOW by the tourists and vocalists)

(Singing passionately)

(Sub-grandma with his pro high note)

(One More Time?)

(Emitting ultrasound waves)

(Wide open)

(For you information: This is 'Tears' with original key)

Coni: Wow! Applause!
(So curious! How many points would the rich in vocal singers get?)

Heechul: Wow how many points would they get?

Heechul: Oh the song is not over yet
Coni: AGAIN! X3

(The song's not over yet!)

(Even the machine is helping BTOB in a comedic way)


Eunkwang: It's Ilhoon's turn! Ilhoonie X3

(Save Ilhoon)

(Modern Line! Eunkwang X Changsub Cross)

(Tears original key soul)

(The tone is getting higher!!)

(Kwang-singing-ability Big Explosion)

(Master of high notes Seo Eun Kwang)

(Giving you two likes!)

(So touched that Yerin stood up automatically)

(7TOB's non-stop vocal showcase)

(Unbelievable! Could only applause!)

Coni: Grandma, grandma, are you okay?

(Your score is 99)

(As expected! Rich vocals! BTOB is the best!)

Coni: Number 1 X3

Heechul: That was incredible!

Hani: Wow! What to do?

Heechul: Yuju, this song would be hard for girls to sing, right?

Yuju: Yes that's right


Coni: You guys still achieved 99 points right? Applause!

(Every group's main vocal is surprised)

Coni: For now, BTOB is #1

Heechul: There's nothing to do in the swimming pool anymore, right?


Coni: Everyone, because BTOB already did it, this time should we let the girls do it?

Guys: Okay

Coni: How about TWICE?

(The next participant is TWICE)

Hani: Please choose an item~

Coni: Please take a look at the items and choose them~

Coni: Excuse me X2 Seller
(TWICE who dressed up diligently)


Heechul: This is reality~ No matter what they do, they'll still be pretty

Coni: So cute~
Heechul: Cute bald head~

(Song: Ah! So Hot by Park Hyun Bin)

(So fun)

(TWICE is going)

(Park Hyun Bin key => Female key adjust FAIL)

(Matching the machine's sound)

(What is important? Let's enjoy when it's fun)


(Singing the climax part with low pitch)

(100% understands the Korean lyrics)

(Which wine is the best in this world?)

(Your sweet lips CHU)

(The decreasing low pitch with no limit like a cave)

(I love you)

(Joy Brothers Eunkwang X Yugyeom)

(Finally the machine is working normally *Celebration*)

(The heart feels refreshed)

(The passionate girls who know the joy of trot)

(Unexpected high note)

(Ah! So hot) X2


(Now the underground 3rd floor is SO HOT)

(Feels good)

(Hot voice)

(Hot face)

Coni: Yeahh~~~ Applause!
(Your score is 94)


(JYP Entertainment "relay event"! Next participant is GOT7!)

Heechul: Let's start immediately

(Work hard)

(What did she see? Full of laughter Sana jji)

Coni: They finished dressing up~
(Mark is flipping his hair)

Coni: Mark looks good~
(He looks good despite wearing a wig~)

Coni: Okay GOT7! Music cue!

Youngjae: Come! Everyone together!
(Song: Unconditional by Park Sang Chul)

(Underground 3rd floor trot party)

(Now it's GOT5! GOT7 with lesser members)

(But the joy will never decrease)

(Trot-Youngjae is leading)

(JYP hoobae chorus help)

(Oh yeah this is festival)

(Unconditional Unconditional)


(Jjan Jjan Jjan)

(Call GOT7 when you want some fun)

(We will run to you no matter what time is it)

(Chorus representative)

(Hee siblings also moving to the groove)

(Seems like underground 3rd floor is having a idol dinner party)


(Jjan Jjan Jjan *Joy Expulsion*)

(Unexpectedly GOT7 is complete)

(So fun)

(Seo Chief & Park Agent with a good relationship)

(Getting drunk in joy)

(Park Actor who gives up everything)

(The idol are playing with so much fun
Mr. JYP are you watching?)

(We are GOT7)

Coni: Okay the score is showing

(After all, GOT7's score is?)

(Dae Bak Incident)

(Your score is 100)
(Why are you so surprised~?)

(GOT7 overcame a hard obstacle and became #1)

(Potential 3rd who could choose the location for "where")
Heechul: Lastly, our GFRIEND~

(The last performance that will put a mark to the end)
MCs: Music Cue!

(Song: Wrongful Encounter by Kim Gun Mo)

(New joy puppy-idol GFRIEND is going)

Heechul: It was a mistake on how we met~

(Getting excited rapidly)

(Joy-FRIEND is starting broong broong)

(The overflowing joy from last week)

(Jjojjo Jjojjo)

(Eunha is stepping up)

(Totally my style)

(Hyped atmosphere! Let's go!)

(Starters are Eunbi line! Eunha X SinB)

(Unnie Eunbi X Dongsaeng Eunbi's Honey Chemistry)

(All idols are participating in this ending performance)

(Run Run~)

(Are you ready? GO)

(This is Joy-FRIEND)

(Eventually here comes the 2nd idol dinner party)

(Real festival spot)


(Boss Level! Here comes the GFRIEND's most abnormal kid)

(Im Agent is happy because he knows this song.GIF)

(Real scene)

(Sorrowful world)


(*JungNami* Mina's joy seal is unlocked)

(What are these guys doing?)

(7TOB X GOT7 getting along in harmony)

(The hotness will never cool down)

(To us, we have no tomorrow)

(Drunk FEEL)

(Look here too!)

(Puppy land)

(This is scary...)

(Already out of the battle)

(Everyone is having lots of fun)

(Don't stop this until we leave)

(Joy-FRIEND the back door of underground 3rd floor is closed)

(How many points would they get?)


(Your score is 100)
(The score certified the overwhelming stage)

(Hwang Eun Bi is the happiest)

(Weekly Idol Please Go Outdoor - 'Where'
#1 GOT7, GFRIEND / 100
#3 BTOB / 99

Defconn: Therefore the shooting location would be at the front of JYP's office [CONFIRMED]

(Our company is the best)

Heechul: What are we doing next?

Defconn: The thing that's left is hidden - "What to do" we don't need anything else

(Starting from now, it's the most important part)

Yugyeom: What game are we playing?

Changsub: Give it to us~

Hani: 5th Anniversary Part 3

Hani: Just right, from today we go out from underground 3rd floor, riding beep beep, feeling shy shy shy

(Weekly Idol, Please Go Outdoor! What to do?)

Hani: This game requires every 28 members to participate

Hani: Everyone please come out and form a line~

Heechul: Is it possible to form a line?

Coni: Then let's start from the back


Hani: Everyone knows what is this, right? This game relates to everyone's flexibility - LIMBO

(Ilhoon's excellent reaction)


Hani: From the lowest height, it will gradually become higher

Hani: The people who go through the limbo will pass

Minhyuk: Okay ^_^

Hani: The members who failed will have to challenge continuously

Hani: For the remaining stiff members, whoever is the stiffest member, their team will be placed as last

Coni: Idols that are not in a good health condition are automatically out of this game

Coni: Those who are injured and cannot participate include JB, Youngjae & Peniel

Coni: Let's start from GOT7
(Rest of the members please queue up)

Heechul: Starting from JR~

(Full of confidence)

(Stiff Idol Competition 1st Challenge: 78cm)

Hani: Loafer socks competitor~

Ilhoon: Doesn't seem like it's low

Minhyuk: It seems like he will pass
Peniel: You can do it!

(Audience who used their facial expression to participate in limbo)

Coni: Failed~
(Junior fail)

(It's because of his nose~ The limbo fell because of his tall nose bridge)

Coni: He fell embarrassingly~

(Just pretend that you didn't see it...)

(These chill fellows have no desire to win~ Aiming for ugly dance to be chosen)
Coni: Next, Yugyeom-ie

Heechul: Isn't this disadvantageous for tall people?

(He passed so easily?)

Coni: Success!

(It seemed like he touched the floor, but he didn't)

(182cm giant Yugyeom broke everyone's expectations~ Passed easily~)

Coni: What do we do now?

Coni: Go back to your position~ Congratulations~

(Still excited)

Heechul: Next~

Hani: *Silver Light* Oh Yeah~
*Silver= Eun Light= Kwang*


(Good pose~)

Eunkwang: Yah this is really difficult!

Heechul: What are you doing? Wave~ wave~

(Frozen in spot, pity Eunkwang's situation...)

(His butt is in pain because of the microphone...)

(As expected! He is unique)

*screams in Korean*


Coni: Everyone, you should move your mic upwards!

Hani: You can hang it in your pocket as well

(Next up is Changsub)
Coni: Changsub! Be cooler!

Coni: So far there's only one that passed


(As expected Idol of Entertainment! Looking at the camera while playing limbo)

Hani: Oh is this an ugly dance?

(When using his body to play the game, his randomly uses his face too)

Coni: Failed~

(*Fall* Changsubi)

Coni: Come this way please~ X2

(Getting more nervous as the order comes closer)

Sungjae: The longer you take, you more you'll fail~ You gotta go faster~


(Bumping limbo recklessly)

(As expected! BTOB's Happy Virus)

(Yook Crazy's body gag success!)

Minhyuk: I never lost in limbo, but I've never played this before

Minhyuk: But if I finish it in one go, it'll be a pity

Coni: Oh really?


(Minhyuk 78cm's speedy success)


(Respectful eyes)

(Energized MinStar doing success ceremony)

(MinStar's valuable skill show)
-Season 2-

(After MinStar it's our Hoonie's challenge)


(BTOB's similarity: No one challenges limbo normally)

(BTOB... Don't bump into the limbo, pass through the limbo...)

(Only Minhyuk & Yugyeom passed! No one can escape the devil of 78cm)
Heechul: Everyone, this height is really low!



(With this condition, challenging limbo is basically a miracle)

(The kind MCs are helping)

(Before black history borns, she quits automatically)

Heechul: Eunha! Our cutie Eunha!

(Eunha got scared after seeing Yuju failed)
Eunha: It's actually really low

(Daily aegyo A-ing)

Heechul: Eunha, what is this?
(After cutting her hair, Eunha is full of aegyo)

Heechul: Please come this way~ SinB is coming out

SinB: I really can't do this
(Full of worries, SinB challenges!)

(No matter how you look, she looks stiff, but she finished it in one go!)

Coni: Success!

Nayeon: What to do?
(Found hope)

(Tell me your wish*~)
*Sowon= wish

Sowon: Wow this is really difficult
(This person also has a stiff body)

(No expectation for Sowon to pass)

(Gave up at the end)

Coni: Nope~ Next~ Our Yerin~

(Yerin little kid please come out)

Heechul: If you can't, you can give up

(Falls down randomly & bravely)

(The succeeded flexible king is having a luxury time)

(Hing T_T...)

(Finally it's TWICE's turn)

(The oldest Nayeon is going to fail)

(Breaking the limbo)

*Speaking randomly*
Heechul: If u broke this then you are breakman

(Chuli's gag is exactly Hyunsik sunbae's type)

(Jeongyeonie's challenge is... no comment)

(The girl who learned ballet! Mina is coming)

(Even with high heels)

(Ooh Ahh *Elegant*)

(Ballerina Class! Flexibility in a higher level)

(He gets shocked if he sees a flexible person)


(Folder Dahyun)

(Selfish folder which doesn't even care about the height of the limbo)

(TWICE wooden dolls No.1 No.2 No.3)

(Dancing "Mo"chine Momoring is going)

(Wooden Sowon is envy)

(After TWICE foreign line continuous success, Tzuyu is now in front of the limbo)


(Wide opened mouth)
Heechul: Wow this is a competition!

Heechul: Next, we are going to the raise the bar slightly higher~

(Stiff Idol Compeition 2nd Challenge: 90cm)

Coni: It is now at 90cm

Coni: If BTOB really is the last place, it seems like ugly dance will be chosen

Hani: Silver Lightttt~~~~~~~
(Kwang-ie's second challenge)

(A Troublemaker Pig)

Eunkwang: AHHHHH! Wow such a pity!

(There's definitely no feeling of pityful)
Heechul: YAH no one would think like that!


(Sungjae ah... again?)

(Sungjae's gag 100% success)

Coni: Sungjae, you have to be more careful

Heechul: Big star Yuju

(Passed through the limbo by folding her neck)

Heechul: Oppa is going to get angry

Coni: Okay our Jeongyeon~
(Twice's wooden doll Jeongyeon success?)

(Today's reaction elf JR)

(What a pity!)

(Eunkwang did you see this? This is the real example of pitiful)

(Folder Dahyun is coming out)
Hani: Our Dahyun~ Eagle Dahyun~

(She folded herself again, and failed one more time)

(Dahyun seems she's like both flexible and stiff)
Coni: Dahyun could only bend frontward, but not backward

(Good looking Pink Mark)


(7TOB Hyunsik Sunbae is the next to pass)

Heechul: Real name Eunbi

(GFRIEND's Eunha success)

(GFRIEND'S Yerin success)

(Yahoo! I am the best!)

Heechul: Yerin! What happened?

(7TOB Hoonie)
Ilhoon: Just go through it like this

(Before passing the limbo, he decided to do an annoying but cute success ceremony)

(Easily passed through the limbo)

(Stiff Idol Competition 3rd Challenge: 110cm)

Heechul: Wouldn't 110cm be too high?

(Now the remaining stiff members)
Coni: 1 GOT7, 3 BTOB, 3 GFRIEND, 6 TWICE members

Heechul: BTOB must be really tired right now
(Strong yet stiff female idols)

(Wishing that ugly dance will be chosen~ Production team and MCs, would BTOB's wish come true?)

Heechul: I bet Eunkwang is thinking how to fail naturally

Heechul: Gotta surpass ugly dance~
(Believe it, Eunkwang...)

Heechul & Eunkwang: You've got to do this when it comes to entertainment

Heechul: What a genius X2


(Entertainment body type, grasping the right timing to showcase a painful waist)

(Anyone can see it... a very "natural" failure SUCCESS)

Heechul & Coni: What a shame!

(Very funny)


Coni: Wait a minute, Sungjae's at the back
(Anxious Yuju customer please wait for your turn)

(This person who took the number first is waiting)

(I am sorry, I want to be funny first)


(You know he's aiming to be funny when he's posing like that)

(Running like a storm)

(3 times in a row! Using his head to hit the limbo)

(Sungjae's tall nose bridge touched the limbo)

Heechul: Are you okay?

Heechul: Oh his nose is too tall
(His facial features are too handsome... failed)

(Human wooden doll Nayeon's 3rd challenge)
Coni: Okay~ Again

(Potential winning candidate)

Heechul: Nayeon is 3 times taller than the limbo

(Another winning candidate appeared)

Eunkwang: Wow a strong competitor!

(Sowon you need to succeed~)

(So that ugly dance will get chosen, and thus Eunkwang's big picture will be complete)

(This time...)

(This time... failed without expectation)

(Ah... what a strong competitor)

Sowon: Mine was pretty pitiful right?

Heechul: Not at all, not even slightly

(GFRIEND'S maknae Umji's 3rd Challenge)

Heechul: Umji will be able to pass

(Passed easily)

(Thumbs up!*)
*Thumb= Umji*

(Next person to pass is GFRIEND's Yuju)

(TWICE's wooden doll #1 Jeongyeon also passes)

(TWICE's wooden doll #2 Dahyun)

(TWICE's wooden doll #2 Dahyun passes with many difficulties)

(Last TWICE's stiff foreign member Sana also "shy shy shy" success!)

(Even TWICE's strawberry princess Chaeng succeeded!)

(TWICE's Got-Jihyo)

(TWICE'S Jihyo success!)

(GOT7's last member JR passes too!)

(Everyone in GOT7 passes)

(Stiff Idol Compeition 4th Challenge: 115cm)

(Regarding the punishment, Eunkwang's drawing a big picture)

(King of Stiffness #1 Candidate: BTOB's Eunkwang)

(Using her one and only stiffness to climb up the top spot)

(Queen of Stiffness #2 Candidate: GFRIEND's Sowon)

(Even though she doesn't look stiff, but she has the stiffest body of all)

(Queen of Stiffness #3 Candidate: TWICE's Nayeon)

(Who will be the final King/Queen of Stiffness?)
(Eunkwang VS Sowon VS Nayeon)

Coni: Our Eunkwang is smiling

(A face full of concern)

Eunkwang: This one looks too easy, what should I do?

Heechul: This one you have to do it properly

(Please save Eunkwang...)

(This time how can he fail naturally?)

(Too excited that he didn't realized he hit the limbo)

(Eunkwang-nim is the best!)

(I lost)

(Eunkwang is trustworthy indeed!)

(Big satisfactory! Unconsciously smiling)

Eunkwang: Ah I almost passed through!

(Eunkwang's big picture biggest rival stiff Sowon)

Coni: This kid might fail too

(Finally passes?)

Coni: She did it wrong
Heechul: Wow your hair! Are you a ghost?

Heechul: Let's count her passing
Coni: Okay, she passed then

(Final biggest competitor wooden doll Nayeon)

Heechul: Will Nayeon succeed?

(Succeed it... please...)

(Unnie hwaiting!)

(If Nayeon's succeeds)

(If Nayeon succeed, then this person's big picture will be complete)

(Everyone is hoping for Nayeon to pass)

Coni: Success!

(Congratulations! Eunkwang's dreams come true!)

(Mission complete!)

Heechul: AH what a pity!!!!

(He knew he could pass long time ago~ Kwang's flexible body)

(Verrrryyyyyyyyy~~~~~ pitiful)

Heechul: Therefore BTOB's ugly dance is confirmed for "what to do"

Eunkwang: What a shame X2

(Moody cloud)

Coni: Everyone, so the entire team will dance the ugly dance in front of JYP's office is CONFIRMED

(Oh no!)

Coni: Our BTOB is very pitiful

Hani: Just right, from today we go out from underground 3rd floor, riding beep beep, feeling shy shy shy

(Weekly Idol, Please Go Outdoor!)

Coni: The final and the best -- highlight

Coni: Dancing ugly dance in front of JYP's office? Who will eventually get to do it?

Yerin: Wow this is absolutely the worst!

(This side is expressionless)

Coni: As long as you win, then you'll be okay

Hani: I will now announce the last competition

(The biggest expectation for the last competition is.....?)

(Thump thump)

Hani: is........


(Oh my god)


(100% based on luck)

Hani: Please sit down and let me explain the rules

Hani: A group of 28 people will play Rock, Paper, Scissors at the same time

Hani: The last remaining person will be chosen to do the outdoor performance along with their team

(Worried X Nervous)
Heechul: Come! We will be playing this game for 5 hours because there are 28 people


Coni: Okay let's stand up!

JB: The person who wins...
Heechul: The person who wins will be exempt

Heechul: The person who loses has to do it


(Idol Guinness! A unbelievable scale of Rock, Paper, Scissors)

Heechul: Defconn & I will use our hawk eyes

(Rock, Paper, Scissors!)

(Have you seen this scale of Rock, Paper, Scissors before?)

Sungjae: Is this even possible?

Heechul: Yes, let's talk about 5 hours

(Rock, Paper, Scissors)

(Even from the camera above, you can easily see that no one won)

Coni: Are we seriously going to record until midnight?

Sungjae: Then we could just use paper and scissors (SUNGJAE ARE YOU SERIOUS)




(Nice try, but fail)

Heechul: Everyone, because there are too many of you, we will do play this game within your own group

Heechul: The person who loses will be the representative for their team and compete against other group members

Heechul: At last, the person who loses, their team will be the main character of our outdoor shooting


Heechul: We are starting from TWICE

(Rock, Paper, Scissors) X3


(Everyone is concentrating)

(Paper vs Scissors)

Hani: It's done, it's done
Heechul: Those who used scissors please go out

(What... should i do...)

Heechul: Okay 5 people left~

(Rock, Paper, Scissors)

(Jeongyeon... again...?)

(TWICE's Rock, Paper, Scissors represenative: Jeongyeon)

Heechul: Wow it took us quite quickly to choose one
Nayeon: Wow she really can't play Rock, Paper, Scissors

Hani: Then Jeongyeon is TWICE's representative

Coni: Next up is GFRIEND

(This time we are choosing GFRIEND's representative)

(Rock, Paper, Scissors)

(3 Scissors VS 3 Rock)

Heechul: Come 3 players~ Yerin, SinB and the one I like, Eunha~

(The fate of Rock, Paper, Scissors)

(This person puts out a scissors)

(GFRIEND's Rock, Paper, Scissors representative: Vitamin Yerin)

Heechul: Next up is BTOB~

(Choosing BTOB's representative)

(The 2 people who are linked together)

(God of Entertainment's choice~ Golden Axe X Silver Axe Brothers)
Heechul: Wow you two got chosen coincidentally

(Rock, Paper, Scissors)

(At the end, God of Entertainment chose Changsub)

(BTOB's Rock, Paper, Scissors representative: Changsub)

Coni: Next up is GOT7

(Choosing GOT7's representative)


(GOT7's Rock, Paper, Scissors representative: Kim Yugyeom Oppa Yugyeom)

Yugyeom: No! This is not it!

(The training is now your own business)

(Today, who is the unluckiest?)
(Jeongyeon VS Yerin VS Changsub VS Yugyeom)

Hani: Right here the person who won will chosen to dance the ugly dance

Hani: Right here the person who won will chosen to dance the ugly dance

(Not my problem~)

(My team's fate is all up to me!)

(Ugly dance~ If unfortunately lost, the whole group would face a black history crisis)



(What is it what is it what is it?)

(Nothing much, just escaped bad luck temporarily)

(Cheerful again)


(I DID IT!!!!!!!)

(Then... one person's fate is...)

(Today's God of Entertainment adores Yugyeom especially)

(The relationships between the groups have now became stronger~ A chaotic underground 3rd floor)


(Changsub- Happy)
(JB- Upset)

Coni: Congratulations X2
(This kid who is unable to look at anyone in the eye)

(Yugyeom ah... look at me...)

(Every GOT7 member, we sincerely congratulate you for the outdoor filming)

(Biting his lips)

(About to faint)

(Dancing the ugly dance in front of JYP's office is the best group -- GOT7!)

Eunkwang: IGOT7! IGOT7!

(Actually... it was BTOB who created this situation)

Eunkwang + Sungjae: Did we do the wrong thing?

Coni: Today's champion is our GOT7! Please tell us your thoughts~

Yugyeom: No matter what, whenever we are together, it's always fun

(Our Yugyeom-ie, do you not have anything else to say?!)

Coni: Also, as a reference, you can take lessons from Eunkwang to learn the ugly dance

Coni: So you can just learn it like that

Yugyeom: Even though Jackson hyung and BamBam are not here, but we will work hard together


Coni: Due to Weekly Idol's 5th Anniversary Special, these 2 weeks all of you have worked hard

Coni: Because of that, we have prepared something special for all of you

Hani: Weekly Idol's 5th Anniversary Special -- Big prizes banquet

Coni: The prizes are real!

Coni: Today we will give out these prizes
(Not stingy at all! These presents are all yours!)

Weekly Idol's treat treat treat!

Hani: We have prepared these prizes, then through the lottery way, we will hand out the prizes accordingly


Hani: We will now hand out the lottery numbers

Coni: Another thing that's special is that the staffs have a chance to win these prizes as well!

Heechul & Coni: Because all of them have worked hard

(Wow! What a new year...)
Coni: Our staff members can participate too

(Please receive your number, customers~)

(Teacher, please give me a good number!)

Coni: Please accept it, Director, it's a present

Coni: You've worked hard!

Coni: Everyone please accept it

Coni: Okay let's take a look

Coni: Wow look at the cameras!

Coni: The numbers are placed in front of every camera!

(10+ cameras's dream to win)

Heechul: The first prize is coming~

(I want to get chosen too)

Hani: The first prize is Korean Beef set!

(Hurray! Majesty Korean Beef!)
Hani: Heechul oppa! Close your eyes and don't look at it! Choose one please!

(The owner of the Korean Beef Set will be changed because of Chulie's hand)

Coni: First prize is the Korean Beef set~

(No.12 please get chosen)
Hani: 5th Anniversary Special -- Big prizes banquet~

(Heart beating)
Hani: The first lottery lucky number is...?

Coni: We are going to reveal the last number first

(The last number is 2)

(Korean Beef Set dream is gone)

(Focused Customer No.12)

(How about customer Momo? Seems like her last number is 2)

(If that is the case, she's looking forward to it)

Heechul: I will now reveal the first number

Hee Siblings: 1, 2, 3!

(The first number chosen is? 52)

(Too bad)

Hani: Woo! Camera director!

(Yahoo! Korean Beef Set is mine!)

Coni: Congratulations!


Coni: I will bring the prize up~

(Owner of the Korean Beef set is the camera director)

Heechul: You've worked hard

(Wow! So envy)

Coni: How many years have you been working with Weekly Idol?

Camera director: Today is my first day

(What? How is that possible)

Coni: Really? Your first time? You just came in just now?


Coni: Well that was really shocking~ Anyways, Congratulations!

(Camera director who only worked for one day, Congratulations)

Coni: Second present
Hani: A bluetooth headphones!
(Idol's Type! Bluetooth Headphones!)

(Want to get it)
Coni: Even though everyone saw this before, if you did it right, you could wear it right away

(How good is it? The most advanced headphone which fits Coni's head)

Coni: The lucky bluetooth headphones winner is...?

(Please let me bring the headphone back)
Coni: The lucky bluetooth headphones winner is...?

(Who is the second lucky person?)

Coni: Thank you~ The last number is...?


Hani: The last number is 1!


(Customer Chaeng who has a chance)

Hani: I'll reveal it!
(Seems like he's hiding something)

Hani: 1, 2, 3!

Hani: 21!

(Customer No.21, where are you?)

(It's me, I'm here!)

(Stamping his feet as the number reveals)

(Shouting happily at the front)

(Customer No.21 Choi Young Jae Congratulations!)
Hani: Im Hyunsik! Im Hyunsik!

Hani: Just now, when I was handing out the lottery number

(Hold on! Behind the story of No.21)
Hani: I gave Im Hyunsik a No.21, but he wanted to switch to a No.11

(No.21 is given to Hyunsik => But he requested to change it to No.11)

(5 minutes ago, the process of luck swap)
Hyunsik: Heeyeon-ah, please give me a No.11

Coni: Please don't sit down yet! Let's take a confirmation photo

Coni: How do you feel right now?

(How does customer No.21 Choi Young Jae feels now?)
Youngjae: I was chosen suddenly and received the spotlight! I feel great!

(First of all, I feel satisfied being the spotlight)
Youngjae: I was chosen suddenly and received the spotlight! I feel great!

(So cute)

Youngjae: I feel really great right now!
Coni: It really seems like you're in a very good mood

(His happiest face of the day)
Youngjae: Of course I'm in a good mood!

Youngjae: Actually I never anticipate that it'll be No.21

(Still in a super excited status)
Youngjae: But when you guys announced No.21 suddenly

Youngjae: I was thinking... wait... that's me!

(Totally happy and excited)

(Great job! Our Youngjae)

Coni: Now we're left with 2 presents

(We won't give you if it's not good! Advanced Bluetooth Speaker)
Coni: Now I'll be the one to choose a number

Heechul: Wow! Speaker!

(Fits in one hand! Showing off that it's small but it's the best)
Hani: Shy shy shy~
Doni: The best bluetooth speaker!

Coni: Yup, this is the best bluetooth speaker

(I want a speaker like this)
Coni: The winner of bluetooth speaker is...?

Heechul: Please! Please!

Coni: I hope that the one who only worked for the first time will not be chosen

(If that's the case. please choose me for once)

Coni: Today is full of new faces that I've never seen before

(The underground 3rd floor is full of NEW FACES today)
Hani: Do you want to switch your number?

Coni: Yes! I want to switch it!

(Playful Coni chooses again)

(This time please choose my number...)
Coni: Hahhaa! This is so fun!


Coni: The last number is...
Hani: Dugudugudugudugu

Coni: 7!
(Last number is 7)

Coni: No it's not
(Last number is not 7)

(This little kid with a last number 7 is tricked by the bait)

(The guy who thinks it's fun to trick idols)

Coni: The last number I chose is 6

(Last number is 6)


(I'm the one with a last number 6 in this community)

(Because it's 6, his love confession to 6 Sung Jae)
*6 = Yook*

Heechul: Yah 6! It's really a 6! Look at this, kids!

Hani: The first number! Dugudugudugudugu
(His passionate desire is filling the underground 3rd floor)

Heechul: 66!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!

Coni: The best speaker goes to...?

Coni: The best speaker goes to...?

Heechul: 66!!!!!
(This guy is impatient too)

Coni: No.16!

Hani: YU!JU!

(Mom...I succeeded today)

(Yuju Speaker Confirmed!)


(Best! Happy!)

Heechul: Congratulations!

(Listen to more good songs and become a good singer)

Hani: Please come here!
Coni: How do you feel?

Yuju: I'm very amazed

(What? I'm amazed)

(Acceptance speech with past dynasties scale)
Yuju: Thank you so much! At the end you guys gave me such a big present! Thank you!

(If Yuju is happy, we are happy too...)

(Our Yuju got the speaker!)
Yuju: Wow this is really amazing!

(I definitely won't miss the next present)
Coni: Everyone! This is the last present!

Coni: It's an iPad! X2

(Idol IT Item! Tablet PC with an apple fragrance~)

Heechul: To the idols, this might be the most important item!

(Representing Doni, Coni is going to choose again)

(I am No.18...)

Coni: Last present! iPad's winner is...?

(Please give me all the luck)
Coni: Last present! iPad's winner is...?

Heechul: The one who received Hyungdon hyung's luck

(5th Anniversary Special Prize Event
The last lucky person is?)

(Coni's choice *It's actually Coni's*)

Doni: The number that our Hyungdon chose is...?

(Finished choosing)

Heechul: This last prize is really big!

(Active 100% Being chose 0%
Is it our team for this time?)
Heechul: This last prize is really big! Oh it smells good!

(The Tablet PC is giving off a fresh apple fragrance)
Heechul: It has an apple scent!

Coni: Everyone, this time I will reveal the first number

(The last lucky number will be revealed from the first number)

Yerin: *Sigh* It won't be us because all of our numbers are single digits

Yerin: *Sigh* It won't be us because all of our numbers are single digits


Coni: Wow this is nerve wrecking

Coni: The first number is a 2!

(The first lucky number is 2)

(Sigh from everywhere)

(Stood up)

(First time being in the lucky range)
Eunkwang: Now I only need the last number!

Coni & Hani: The last number is...?

Hani: Dugudugudugudugu

Coni: Twenty.....

(No.29 ???)

(Eunkwang empty)

(TWICE also empty)

JR.: It's our staff X3

(GOT7's Stylist! Today's Daebak Lucky One!)

(So envy)

(Lucky GOT7 who got two prizes)

Youngjae: YAY GOT7 WON 2 PRIZES!

(Finished checking number)

(29... That should be my number...)

Heechul: I'm sorry but it seems like the staff members who have worked hard for 5 years do not look very happy

(Carefully passing the producer's gift)
Heechul: I'm sorry but it seems like the staff members who have worked hard for 5 years do not look very happy


(Feeling sorry, receiving the gift politely)

(Underground 3rd floor prize big event has ended)

(Our team is so lucky! So lucky!)

Hani: Today, Weekly Idol planned such a huge banquet, obviously we won't just end it here~

(Weekly Idol Gift Bomb has not ended yet)
Hani: We prepared another present for all of you!

(Generous Weekly Idol)

Hani: Wow this is really nice!

(This time do we stand a chance?)



Coni: Everyone, this neck pillow was especially prepared by Weekly Idol

(It's limited edition!)
Coni: On the left side, there's Defconn, and on the right side, there's Hyungdon

(Visual that makes you feels hard to be asleep
Left Coni Right Doni)
Coni: On the left side, there's Defconn, and on the right side, there's Hyungdon

Coni: To make sure that everyone is always thinking of us, we prepared this for you to sleep on when you're traveling

(So sweet! Special item to protect idols' neck)
Coni: To make sure that everyone is always thinking of us, we prepared this for you to sleep on whenever you're traveling

(Each idol gets one)

Heechul: In the plane~
(Handsome delivery man Chulie
Personal delivery service)

Heechul: Here, our big star Yuju

(When u put in on your neck, comfort +10)

(When you wear it on your head, cuteness +50)

Heechul: And my dongsaeng Eunbi~

JB: Oh, it's good!
(Customer Im Jae Bum's Rating [NEW]
Rating: 5 Stars
Very comfortable
Strongly recommended)

(Beautiful customers who uses DoniConi neck pillow in real life)

(Dear customers...It's comfortable to use the neck pillow right?)

(Finally, after 2 weeks, awaiting get off work time)

Coni: You guys really worked hard

Heechul: Now one by one, tell us your thought with a simple sentence
(One word for final thought before going home)

JB: Because of Yugyeom, we received another gift
(Because of Yugyeom, GOT7 will be returning to Weekly Idol very soon)

JB: We will work very hard to make our ugliest face for the ugly dance
(Im Leader's word has become true, see you next week!!)

(Thank you so much GOT7!!)

Heechul: How about our Sungjae?

Sungjae: We congratulate 5th anniversary from the bottom of our heart

Sungjae: It would be nice too see Weekly Idol getting better, fighting!

(We love you so much 7TOB!!)

Heechul: Sowonie~

Sowon: We can film this memorable 5th anniversary with our favorite sunbaes
(Formal final speech)

Sowon: We feel really proud, please call us again next time~

(See you again GFRIEND!!)

Heechul: The most important in TWICE our Tzuyu~
(Because it's the last one, a chance to hear Tuzyu's voice)

Hani: Oh Tzuyu Fighting~
Coni: Jiayou~

(Tzuyu Jiayou!!)
*Jiayou = Fighting(Mandarin)*

Tzuyu: Firstly, congratulation on 5th anniversary

Tzuyu: And this, you gave us as a present, we will use it nicely
(Love you all, TWICE!!)

Heechul: Once again, thanks to our four idol groups for filming this together
(Millions of words is also not enough for our appreciation DREAM)

Doni: Finally, let's do it loudly, then we will end this
(Really Last Final)

(Idol <3 Weekly Idol
Love this group)

Coni: Thank you~

Heechul: Yah, Umji ah, today's atmosphere is thumbs up
(Get off work commemorate gift)

Today really hit and hit)

(Calm down Changsub...)

(Don't change our love forever~ Please~)

(Next week is another new beginning for 5 year)

(Next Wednesday 6PM
Comeback Weekly Idol with idol)

(When the producers call + In front of JYP's Office + Ugly Dance + GOT7)

GOT7: Please Go Outdoor!

This can be a performance with a really big impact, everyone
(The day of GOT7 final battle?)

(This must be a dream...)

(GOT7 historical punishment scene
Coming Soon)

Found you! Oh My Girl! Hello everyone, this is Oh My Girl
(Cute girls with a lively concept Oh My Girl)

(Girl Crush OK Crazy Dance OK ???)

Can you buy me some food?

(The girl who sees everything by just touching?!)

(MC Hani Challenge!)

Oh My Girl: Weekly Idol!
(Next Wednesday 6PM
Let's Listen to Oh My Girl's Stories)