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It's spring at the twins' house.

Your pizza is here.

Your pizza's here.

Would you like your pizza sliced or just as is?

Just as is.

Just like this?

It's hot so be careful.

It's not hot.

Thank you, thank you.


How does it taste?

(It's 10 out of 10)

Dad, juice.

I'm not dad, I'm the owner.

Say, Mr. Owner.

- Mr. Owner. / - Yes?

I'll bring you your apple juice.


Why isn't it here?

It's coming right up.

You're really in a hurry.

This is your apple juice.

Mine's the red cup.

Here's your apple juice.

Do you need anything else?

- No. / - Thank you.

(Let's take a break)

(Getting into prankster mode)

I need something!

- Oh, you need something? / - Yes.

What is it?


- Chopsticks? / - Yes.

I need chopsticks.

Why do you need chopsticks?

Who eats pizza with chopsticks?

Call me if you need anything.

I need something.

Yes, what would you like?

Bang, bang!

- Bang, bang? / - Yes.

Please leave.

Please leave.

You have to leave if you fool around.

I'm going to kick you out if you fool around again.


Call me if you need something.

(Drops down)

Oh, I'm so tired.

♪ Dad, cheer up ♪

♪ You have us ♪

♪ We're here for you ♪

Call me if you need anything.

Thank you.

♪ Who are you? ♪

You have to say Moon Jungwon.

- Hey. / - Moon Jungwon.

Miss Moon Jungwon!

What the?

That's mom.

- Should I sing it? / - Yes.

♪ When mom speaks... ♪

I'll give all your toys away to your friends.

If you fight, I'm going to take all this

and give them away to friends.

♪ When dad speaks... ♪



Let's sleep.

Aren't you going to sleep? Not going to sleep?

- Lights out. / - No, just a minute.

Let's sleep now.

- Geez. / - Hurry up and sleep.

You really have to watch what you say in front of kids.

Seojun, Seoeon.

Uncle's coming over today.

- Which uncle? / - I don't know yet.

Which uncle would you like to see?

A handsome uncle? A funny uncle?

Could it be this uncle they met recently?

Seojun, which uncle would you like?

The tall uncle.

Tall and what else?

This uncle can do everything for you.

Then a pretty girl.

- Pretty girl? / - Yes.

No, it's an uncle.

No, a pretty girl.

Hey, Seojun...

Don't be like that already.

Is he married or not?


Does he have kids?

(Not yet)

Since it's two boys,

he'll need to be fit and mentally strong.

Lee Yunseok, Han Mingwan...

It can't be guys like them.

They're on the black list.

The best uncle would be...

Someone with a body like Lee Hoon...

And a face like Song Sohee.

That would be the best.

Childcare is a full time affair.

I don't think I've stopped doing childcare for a year.


Uncles are back to give dads a break.

This is a great program.

I don't want to do anything.

With the energy I receive from the break,

I'll have even more fun with the kids.



(Uncle, hold me)

I'm going to marry him.

You'll marry him?

The Return of Superman. Chapter 126.

"You Can't Have Childcare Without Breaks."

The first story.

Should we find out who the uncle is first?


There's a hint here.

What's that?

How would we know with this?

Well-trimmed eyebrows and fingernails.

And big ears. Who do these belong to?

(The uncle has arrived at the twins' house)

(Strange shoes)

A big rabbit gets out of the uncle's car.

Who is this tubby rabbit?

(Looks heavy as he walks)

Can I take it off now?

Why are you dressed like this?

Thing is...

The kids like animals and such...

So isn't it a must to dress like this?

What's with the carrier?

Would you like to see what's inside?

These are towels to wipe my sweat.

I have some bread.

I bought strawberries too.

I should've rented a thinner outfit.

Just like Seojun. You too, Seoeon.

There you go.

Good boy.

You too, Seoeon.

Where's the uncle?

Hurry over.

He's here.

"Come outside..."

"Come out and find the cute bunny."

The uncle must be a bunny.

The uncle is getting ready to meet the twins.

(Very heavy hopping)

(Out of breath)

Are you tired already?

Who are you?



- He has a carrot. / - It's a rabbit with a carrot.

Lee Seoeon. Lee Seojun.

Hop, hop.

- I'm scared. / - You're scared?

I'm not scary.

♪ Mountain rabbit... ♪

(I think I know who it is)

Seoeon, Seojun.

You're past the age to like this stuff, huh?

- Hey. / - Lee Seojun.

What are you doing here?

Do you even know who I am?

What will you do?


You're in for it today.

What will you do?

I can't do this.

What will we do with you?

Oh, dear.

It's uncle.

It's me.


Junhyun made headlines for looking just like Seojun.

They look like twins when they were younger.

(One-tenth the size of Kim Junhyun equals Seojun)

He smiled.

- Seojun, do you remember him? / - Yes.

- Do you remember this rabbit? / - Really?


- Hello. There you go. / - Hello.

This is for later.

The kids...

Lee Seojun!

Why does he run off like that?

Why's he leaving? Why?

He's telling us to catch him.

But you really don't want to do that.

- Playing hard to get? / - That's right.

You can't just sit around for childcare!

(The Return of Superman)

Here, you eat it.

I brought custom shirts.

(Let's obey uncle)

Seoeon, Seoeon...

Want to get dressed? It's cold.

I brought a shirt for you.

Lee Seoeon.

Lee Seoeon, I brought a shirt.

Lee Seoeon, Lee Seoeon.

Where are you, Lee Seojun?

- This is good. That's how you play. / - Seojun.

- But I shouldn't catch them, right? / - That's right.

Just keep playing like this.

- Seoeon. / - That's how you get close with them.

- That's good. / - Lee Seojun.

(Get sweaty to get close with the twins)

Lee Seoeon.

(He caught him)

(Then let's him go)

(This should be enough, right?)

Want to put this on?

- No? / - Put it on?

Seojun, I mean Seoeon...

Your heavy breathing is tiring me out.

Oh, no...

Since Seojun is cold...

Want to wear this and eat bread?

Try it on?

Let's put this arm in too.

And have bread?

Good boy.

(I feel comfortable with this uncle)

- Give me bread. / - Give me bread.

Seojun, who am I?

Uncle Junhyun.

That's right.

So cute.

Give me a few tips.

Reaction. Then voice tone.


(Something's up with the twins, they're arguing)

What's going on?

You have to be quick on your feet.

Seojun, eat this.

(Seojun puts the bread on his head)

Why do you have that on your head?

Like that?

Seojun, stand still.

(Puts the bread on his head)

Walk so it doesn't fall off.

It's going to fall off.

Walk carefully.

Small steps.

Small steps.


(Catch me if you can)

Lee Seojun!

You have to eat this.

Lee Seojun.

The running has begun again.

Rather than being hide-and-seek...

It's more of a marathon.

Lee Seojun.

Junhyun looks like he's heading to the finish line.

(I'll let him catch me now)

I caught you.

Got you.


(Having difficulty breathing)

I didn't hear wrong, did I?

I didn't hear wrong.


You haven't even been here for 30 minutes yet.


Whoever comes to this house

ends up running around endlessly.

This is the mystery of this house.

Come eat. Come here.

Junhyun, you're going to lose weight.

(But because Junhyun ran around with them)

Thanks to Junhyun's effort,

the twins have fallen asleep.

(The twins are running in their dreams)

Don't get jealous that we've gotten too close later.

- Hey. / - Just don't get jealous.

Have fun.

You can leave me to it.

So this is what it's like for mothers not being able

to leave but once they do they have a blast.

I'm not worried about the twins.

I'm just worried about Junhyun.

He might collapse.

I'm worried about Junhyun.

The 5 siblings are waiting for another uncle.

(They're having fun by themselves)

What are you doing?

(I'll do it too)

(Daebak laughs too)

Kiss, kiss.

(Gives Sua a kiss)

Kiss me.


Since when did you not kiss me?

I've been rejected.

A robber is trespassing.

What the?

Who is it?

(A mysterious silhouette)

- A robber is trespassing. / - A robber?


Who is the robber uncle that will steal the kids' hearts?


- Hello. / - Hello. Nice to meet you.

Who are you?


For today...

Looks like he's captured Seola and Sua's hearts.

(They're all smiles)

(What's with my sisters?)

(An uncle will look after the kids all day long)

This is a great program.

Cha Inpyo would be nice.

He's known to be really good with kids.

Who is this uncle that has arrived 1 hour early?

(Extremely tall)

He heads to a cafe instead of their house.

- Hello. / - Hello.

(The director can't take her eyes off him)

- Do I sit here? / - Yes.

Thank you. It's nice to meet you.

(It's actor Lee Dongwook)

When we asked you to do this...

What made you decide to do it?

My nephew is being born in June.

My sister is having a baby.

I'd like to experience what it will be like

once her child is born.

How many kids do you want to have in the future?

I want to have many. At least 3 for me.

Is there something you want to do when you're a dad?

- When I become a dad? / - Your dream.

When you look at paparazzi photos from Hollywood...

The actors...

They carry their babies on their bodies...

That looked so cool.

That was my dream.

(We can make dreams come true)

- You can't stand up, right? / - This is no good.

We have something to show you.

(A letter from Donggook)

For the uncle special...

I don't know who it will be...

It won't be easy to look after our kids.

Even if it's hard, please take good care of them.

I have a match that day.

So I don't think I'll be home.

I'm sorry for making you come so far

when I'm not even there.

He's not home?

He's in Ulsan, right?

Do the kids nap?

Have they had lunch?

Are they quite shy?

They're not, right?

You don't have to be so anxious.

- The kids aren't that shy. / - They play well.

They're really bright.

Daebak doesn't kiss male adults often.


(Not even his own dad)


(Daebak doesn't give out kisses easily)

We wonder if you can get a kiss today.

I really shaved all of my facial hair today.

I think I can get that kiss.

Please scold them when you have to.

They misbehave a lot these days.

You just have to feed Daebak well.

He doesn't cry easily.

It'd be fun to make him cry too.

(Calms Dongwook's anxiety with a joke)

I'll leave it to you.

I'll do my best.

(Heading to meet the siblings)

(Did grocery shopping for dinner) (Has the address)

Why am I so nervous?

(He's both nervous and excited)

What do I say?

Stay like this.

(The house is very peaceful)

A robber is trespassing.

What the?

Who is it?

Who is it?

A robber is trespassing.


(Unintentionally enters with a bang)

(Welcome Uncle Robber)

(A deep sigh)

Please welcome me with a smile.

Please don't act awkward around me.

(Looking around)

They leave their pram here.

Three to a pram...

Where's the bell?

(Right here)

Ding dong.

Hey, someone's here.

Who is it?

- Hello. / - Hello.

- Hello. / - Hi.

- Hi. / - Hello.

Hello, nice to meet you.

- Hello. / - Hi.

Nice to meet you.

Who are you?


I am here to spend the day with you.

I'm Uncle Lee Dongwook.


Lee Donggook is our dad.

- Should we talk inside? / - Yes.

Oh, I should get down to eye level...

Let me introduce myself.

I'll be spending the day with you guys.

My name is Lee Dongwook.

Lee Dongwook.

Your dad is Lee Donggook, right?

- I'm Lee Dongwook. Sounds similar, right? / - Yes.

Lee Donggook?

- Uncle Wook. / - Lee Dongwook.

I'm Lee Dongwook.

Lee Donggook.

Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

(Let's have fun today)

So many.

There were so many of them.

When I think about it now.

When I first greeted them,

I think I was kneeling the whole time.

In front of kids.

What were you doing? Were the five of you just here?

- Yes. / - Yeah?

(What do I do now?)


(Mental blank)

(Sua is embarrassed too)

- Let's introduce ourselves. / - Yeah. Oh, that's right.

You're really good.

What's your name?

I am Lee Seola.

You're Lee Seola. Nice to meet you.

- Now, it's Sua's turn. / - Sua, stand up.

What's your name?

- Lee Sua. / - It's Lee Sua.

Nice to meet you.


I'm Daebak.

Say I'm Daebak.

Say hello.

(Yes, nice to meet you)

How do you greet like that?

Nice to meet you?

(I'll be watching you today)

What do you do, uncle?


To tell you about my job...

I am...

A handsome face with endless charm.

An actor with 18 years experience. Lee Dongwook.

(He can be a romantic man at times)

Should we get married?

I'm an actor.

I've never seen you.

(Unknown actor...)

I'll work harder.

I've been in dramas...

I've been in movies too...

That's what I do for a living.

- You've been in movies too? / - Yes.

What movie have you been in?

What movie have I been in?

(Sua has totally fallen for Uncle Dongwook)


You know the mature ratings?

You're too young to watch.

They're movies you can't watch yet.

(Please appear in "Frozen" next time)

Are these all your dad's trophies?

Over there too.


Those are dad's too.

That's really amazing.

It's amazing?

- Turn and turn. / - Okay...

- Turn and turn. / - Turn and turn.

Want a piggyback?

Get on.

Our dad can carry both of them.

Then come here. Let's do it together.

You get on too. Come on.

- What about three? / - Three?

- Daebak, go over there. / - Daebak, come here.

Wait, I'll hold you too. Come here.

I'll hold you.

Can he?

Can he?

You can't stand up, right?

No, get up.


(He lifts all three at once)

Even dad can't carry all three.

(This is my dream)

I'm getting strangled here.

Wait, I'm getting strangled.

(Three is too tough)

I'm going to cook bread and eggs for you.

It's eggs.

- Eggs? / - Give me eggs.

You want eggs?

I haven't cooked these yet.

Are you going to throw it?

Where's the frying pan?

You want one too, Sua?

Sua, is this okay?

We have to go do our training.

- You're going to training? / - Yes.


We have to go do our training.

- You're going to training? / - Yes.


Don't go.

(He's calling for uncle)

- You're going training? / - Yes.

Why, Daebak?

- What is it, Daebak? / - He spilled it.

Daebak spilled it?

He did...

You shouldn't have given it to him in this.

I didn't know...

Can't you stay home today?

I don't have long till my match.


Okay, take care. Be careful.


Come home early. Okay?

Tell your trainer you need to go home early today.

Come home early.

Tell your trainer you need to go home early today.

Runs at the speed of light

What is it? What's wrong?

- What is it? / - Will he be okay?

Will he be okay?

You want eggs?

But it might crack.

It's dangerous.

Can't you play with something else?

- Can't you? / - Yes.

- Play with something else? / - Yes.

Do you want bread?

- Want to eat bread? / - Yes.

I'll cook eggs for you in the meantime.



Thank you.

(I'll give you mine too)

Eat the bread while you wait.

- Make it tasty. / - Okay, I'll make it tasty.

(Dongwook gives them bread while they wait)

- Here's your bread. / - Bread!

Should I cut it up for you? What do I do?

Do I cut it?

What do I do? Do I cut it?

(About to cry)

I should cut it for you, right?

This is for Daebak.

This is for Sua.

(Daebak is suddenly upset)

Yes, yes?

What is it?

(I'm thirsty)

You want more of this?

You want to drink more?

Me too.

- Do you want water? Milk? / - Milk.

- Milk? Okay. / - I want milk too.

(You need milk for bread)

Here you go. Ta-da.

Daebak, eat this. Is it good?

Is it good?

Seola, is that good?

(It's better because it's from you)

Drink this and wait a little bit.

I'll cook delicious eggs for you.


(This is heaven with milk)

(They're like angels when they eat)

(Uncle finally gets to breathe)

They get quiet when they're eating.



What is it?

I was watching you.

I'm watching everything.

Say uncle.

(Should I say it for him?)

(Will he?)


(Let me finish this first)

Frying pan...

(Can't find the frying pan)

(In the end)

Where's the frying pan?

(He can't believe himself)

(I must be crazy)

I don't know where anything is since it's not my house.

(Finally he finds it)


How do I turn this on?

(This house is too hard for me)

(Finally turns it on)

(It's taking a long time)

Drink that. I'll cook this for you in no time.

I want to play now.


- You're not going to eat eggs? / - No.

Seola, you don't want eggs either?

You don't want them?

You want to get out?

Okay, okay.

Come here. Seola, come here.

Let's put on socks and go to the playground.

- Do you know where your socks are? / - Yes.

Where are your socks?

I need to poop.

You need to poop?


Here? Here?

This toilet here?

Don't raise it.

Wait a minute. Don't sit there.

Don't kids sit on something smaller?

Are you pooping now?

Okay, just poop then.

Goodness. Are you done?

I'm done.

- You're done? / - Yes.

Goodness, you pooped a lot.

How do I clean this?

Where do I throw this away?

Is this the right bin? How do I open this?

(It's an endless soliloquy)

Everything is so difficult.

Seola, come here. Your bottom...


Let me see your bottom.

Let's wipe your bottom.

(The cameraman cracks up)

This is the first time I've ever done this.

I've never wiped someone's bottom before.

Dongwook is facing a great danger.

Will he be alright?

It's morning at the SoDa Siblings' house.

(The SoDa Siblings are full of energy as usual)

(Good morning, everyone)

(Runs out and lies down in the living room)

(I do everything my sister does)

(They begin their morning exercise)

(Step 1 is leg stretches)

(Step 2 is hide and seek)

(You can't see me, right?)

(Perfectly concealed with his plump bottom)

(Step 3 is rolling)

(Rolling is too hard, I'll just hide again)

- Are you rolling? / - Roll.

Want me to roll you?

I'll roll you like this.



(What just happened? Scratching)

(It's okay, I'm a big boy)

Big boy?

- Come this way. / - What are you doing?

Daeul, who's this?

Today, these friends are coming.

(Friends are coming?)

Two cute boys are visiting the SoDa Siblings.

Who could they be?

Soeul, who do you like better?

(Looking closely)

I like him.

Where are you going?

Is this Daeul?


Nothing for dad.

I want to see this friend.

Who are you?

- I am Soeul. / - That's right.

I'm a big boy.

(Don't forget that I'm the big boy)

They're here, they're here.

(They're a bit too old to be called friends)

Look at this.

Ask who it is? Ask.

It's mom and dad?

Who is it?

- Mom. / - Who are you?

- Mom! / - Soeul, it's dad.

- Who are you? / - It's mom. Open the door.

It's mom.

(The real mommy is right next to her)

Dad's right here.

Mom's here.





Come on in.

Goodness. Daeul! Soeul!

(Such a commotion)

Goodness, Soeul.

Goodness. Hello, Daeul.

Daeul, it's dad!


(What's going on here?)

We have two dads here.


Who's more handsome in the photos?

Just looking from the photos.

This one.

That one's more handsome?

Really? You saw wrong.

Soeul, you saw wrong.

I'm going to marry this boy.

One uncle has captured Soeul's heart.

And there's the other uncle.

Who are they?

(The boy with the interesting smile)

(It's Kwanghee, who's always smiling)

(Who is the boy that Soeul chose?)

Put your belt on.

(It's lovely Hyungsik)


Hello, I'm Kwanghee of ZE:A.

I'm Hyungsik.

Nice to meet you!

(Kwanghee and Hyungsik with the SoDa Siblings)

Members of idol group, ZE:A.

It's Kwanghee and Hyungsik.

Kwanghee was a good friend to Sarang.

And Hyungsik, who's more popular as an actor now.

Great to meet you both.

We've become uncles already?

We're at that age now?

Daeul and Soeul are so cute.

I was shocked.

I didn't know babies could be that cute.

Who would they like more?

I think they'll like Hyungsik more at first.

Just looking at his appearance.

Kids like people who look handsome and soft.

I'm going to marry him.

(She's become a fan from his baby photo)

Once I make them laugh and cook them good food...

It's victory with charm.

That's what they all say.

I'd like to have two kids.

One girl and one boy.

I'd like four.

How will you take care of them all?

When I look at Lee Donggook...

Having a big, noisy family...

And you have to have lots of kids

to get back later in life.

My children will take care of my retirement.

1, 2, 3 and remove the masks.

We'll count together.

1, 2, 3.



Soeul got shocked.

They've come to play with you, Soeul and Daeul.

A round of applause.


Big boy applause.

I'm sure there'll be unforeseen circumstances today.

- Have you ever changed a diaper? / - No.

Oh, dear.


(Take good care of me, uncle)

We feed them toast for breakfast.

For breakfast?

We have bagels here...

And sandwich bread too.

I'll make something with these ingredients.

You want to make a bigger mess?

That's the way. You're doing the dishes?

I'm playing cooking.


What are you sprinkling?


You don't know?

(Chef Daeul loves his seasoning)

Are you finished cooking?

Is this for me?

- No. / - No?

Why are you throwing it out?

- Did you fail? / - Yes.


You'll have to pack a lot for camping.

You want to draw a picture?


Draw my face.


- Rainbow. / - Soeul...

Soeul's camera is here.

What is it?

- Mine. / - Yours is here.

Here's big boy's camera.

- No, mine. / - Yeah, this is filming you...


Oh, you want your doll?

- Doll. / - I understood.

Was that right? It was.

You want me to draw this?

- He wants you to draw. / - You want me to draw this?

I can understand what he says.

Just wait.

We were supposed to eat but we're doing this

(Daeul's getting into his drawing)

What is this?

- What's next? / - Snake.



Daeul, how does a snake go?

(Today the big boy is a cutie)

Just wait.

What goes in here?

- Yellow. / - Oh, yellow.

- It smudges? / - It smudges on your face?


(Caringly wipes it off her face)

(Uncle Hyungsik is warm-hearted)

(Hyungsik has a sentimental feel)

- Very good. / - I like this uncle better.

You like him for wiping you once?


Soeul's a true girl.

I don't know if you'll remember all this...

This is their water bottle.

For things like water...

No, mom.

Mommy's not leaving.

- Daeul's drink. / - Staying home?

- I'll stay home. / - Yes, mom's staying home.

Mom and dad are trying to leave.

Will it be possible?

Daeul, mom and dad...

- We have rotten teeth. / - Oh, no!

Your teeth are rotten?

- We have to get shots. / - We're going to the dentist.

- It's going to hurt. / - Want to come with us?

I don't want to go!

- I don't want to either. / - Mom, I don't want to.

I don't want to.

Daeul, you're not going, right?

Daeul, you're not going, right? Her teeth hurt.

Want to go to the dentist with us?

Or stay here with the big boys?

You want to stay here?

Then give him a kiss.

Give him a kiss.

There you go.

- Soeul, give me a kiss too. / - No.

She doesn't want to.

Why not?

Why won't you kiss me?

She goes for looks.


Go, mom. Go.

- He wants me to go. / - Go to the dentist.

Oh, dentist? Want me to go?

Have fun.

- We'll see you later. / - Yes, see you later.

Have fun.

See you later.

You want to put the pin on me?

(Playing with hair pins)

Which one should I pick?

Take a guess.

Ding dong daeng.

What the?

You said you'd give it to me.

What the?

You said you'd give it to me.

(Daeul approaches with a hair pin)

Daeul, is that for me?


Why all of a sudden?

Daeul, is that for me?

Why all of a sudden?

Why are you both giving them to Hyungsik?

Because I like Uncle Hyungsik.

Why all of a sudden?


How much do I have to fix to gain your love?

Is it done?

Let's play hair salon.

- So suddenly? / - Yes.

Okay, let's play hair salon.

I'll start.

I'm here to get my hair done.

Hello, hair designer.

I'm here to get my hair done.

You do it for him.

Designer Daeul, I'm here to get my hair done.

I'd like my hair...

- No. / - What?

- No. / - You don't want to?

I have to get my hair done.

- How would you like your hair? / - No.

- I'd like a perm. / - Okay.

(Can't help but smile)

Would you like your hair washed?

Will you put wax on my hair?

This, this...

All done.

- Is it done? / - Yes.

That feels refreshing.

I think my hair's done.

It's not.

It's not?

It's not?

(A sharp finishing cut)

Designer Daeul, you're pretty cool.

Did you just cut my hair?

He's cutting it with a knife.

- Uncle, sit here. / - Sit where?

Put your bottom right against the wall.

- Lock. / - Why? Don't lock me up.

I didn't do anything wrong.

- No, I... / - Twice, twice.

I didn't do it.

Please no...

- No, this... / - Sit down.

Lock, lock.

- Legs too? / - Lock, lock, lock.

Now you can't move.

Save me.


I'll sleep if you let me go.

Let me go.

Let us go, secretly.

That's the way.

- Unlock all of them. / - Please.

- Let us go. / - No.

- Why did you unlock just one side? / - No.

- Let me go. / - He's playing with us.


Why did you come back?

I'm sorry. She's going to punish us.

What kind of movies have you been watching?

Oh, a knife!

Which movie did you watch?

I want to try too.

- You want to try? / - Daeul, Daeul.

- Okay, I'll give it to you. / - Don't get the real knife.

No, no.

- No, it's a plastic knife. / - Oh, plastic knife?

- Hide. / - Uncle, he wants you to hide.


Hide, hide. I can see your hair.

- I'm going to find you. / - Yes!

Where are you? Where is Daeul?

I'm here.

There you are, Daeul.

Daeul, you're here.

Daeul, are you hiding?

You are, right?

(I'm hiding here)

I heard a sound from here...

- I'm here! / - Where?

- Here. / - Here you are.

I found Daeul.

Let me ride the robot.

Okay, how do I do that?

- Ride the robot. / - Brushing our teeth?

Big boys brush their teeth.

Daeul, you're a big boy. So you can brush, right?

How do I do this?

(Falls over)

How do I do this?

Wait a minute...

It's not easy to run around with energetic children.

I think we played around 50 games.

One every 10 seconds.

I was scared that they wouldn't have fun with me.

I didn't need to worry.

This is baby fairy, Rohui's house.

You're eating well.

(Eyes fixed on the vacuum)

I'll run it for you after you eat.

(Changing her gaze with the mop)

I'll bring your vacuum.

The vacuum is so important this morning...



Oh, no.

It's okay, it's okay.

I'm here, I'm here.

Okay, I'll turn it on for you.

This is nothing. It doesn't hurt.

It hurt?

Okay, okay.

I'll smack it.

Want a snack?

(Eyes wide open)

Yum, yum, yum.

(That feels better)

When you think about it, Rohui...

Wasn't that really strange?

How did that fall on your head?



(I'm the youngest on the show, Rohui)

(Hello, cameraman)

(Bow to me, camera)



Don't bother uncle.


Daughter, come to daddy.

Let's go.

One step.






Ready, go.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

1, 2, 3.

(She stood for 24 seconds)

My daughter.

Well done.

Rohui, before the uncles get here...

We should pretty up for them.

(Stylist Ki Taeyoung, model Rohui)

Let's try this on.

That's pretty too.

But it doesn't suit your outfit.


What's this?

You don't like this one?

Let's try this one.


You look so cute.

No, no, don't take it off.

Don't take it off.

(I can't see it, dad)


Who are the uncles they're waiting for?

I'd personally like someone who does music.

Whenever music plays,

Rohui responds well.

Who do you know among male singers?


(Yes, they are the original idols after all)

Sechs Kies.



I only mentioned two groups that are active now.

Taeyoung's saviors are finally here.


(They seem pretty clumsy)

We're here to meet our friend, Rohui.

Here to meet superstar Rohui.

She's not easily impressed. That's charming.

We will make Rohui laugh out loud today.

I know how to make babies stop crying.

What if she doesn't cry?

- We can't see it, if she doesn't cry? / - Yeah...

(They're at the front door)

How do we greet her?


Hey, someone's here.

Who is it?


We're here to play with Rohui.

Oh, thank you.

The uncles are here!

But who are they?

Rohui, this isn't time for this.

Wait a minute...

Just wait.

(He wants her to look her best)

The uncles have been waiting a long time.


- Hello. / - Hello.


Oh, hello!

- Hello. / - Hello...

Hello, Rohui.


Rohui, your gifts...

Say hello to the uncles.

- Come on in. / - Hello, Rohui.

(CNBLUE leader Jung Yonghwa)

(CNBLUE guitarist Lee Jonghyun)

It could be just as hard somewhere else.

No, it could be even harder.

You look cute when you're shocked too.

Welcome to Rohui's house!

- Come on in. / - Hello, Rohui.

- Hello, Rohui. / - Hello.

She greeted us.



Thank you for making time for us today.

- Not at all. / - We thank you.

Not at all. Thank you so much.

In the interview,

I asked if it was EXO or CNBLUE.

- Oh, really? / - I asked them that.

I always thought you guys were bright and polite.

Aren't they so cool?

What do we do, Rohui?

Rohui, are you trying to impress them?

- Rohui. / - Hello, Rohui.

- Hello. / - Hello.

Thank you so much.

Since you're here...

- Please look after Rohui. / - Yes.

- While you do that I'll get ready. / - Yes, yes.

- I don't have much time. / - Sure.

Okay then...

Give me that.

- I'll get ready. / - Okay.



She cried when you disappeared.


I'm Uncle Yonghwa.

- Uncle Yonghwa. / - Uncle...


Hold her...

Hold her like this.

Then you sway like this.


If you do it too fast, she doesn't like it.

And sing her a lullaby.

Oh, that's for me?

For me?

(They're learning one thing at a time)

(They're all swaying)

You don't have to prepare the formula.

You can just give it to her from the bottle.

She just needs to drink more than 150ml.

You pour 160ml of water...

Add 90ml of hot water.

Then the rest with cold water.

These are pull-up diapers.

You tear this part...

Wet this a little.

Wipe her bottom...

Then dry her a little.

Then just roll it up like this.

These lessons are getting harder and harder.

Are you okay, Yonghwa?


I'm sorry about this.

Not at all.

Just leaving you like this.

I'll leave her to you.

Please take good care of her.

Will these two newbies be okay with Rohui?

Meanwhile Dongwook is still facing a crisis.

- Do you know where your socks are? / - Yes.

I need to poop.

Do you poop here?

Are you pooping right now?

Okay, just poop then.

I'm done.

- You're done? / - Yes.

Goodness, you've pooped a lot.

How do I clean this?

Where do I throw this away?

Everything is so difficult.

Let's wipe it off your bottom.

Let's wipe it off...

I've never done this before.

I've never wiped someone's bottom before.

Come here.

How do I wipe this?


Let's just wash with water.

Oh, Daebak, you're here too.

Sister! Poop!



Is Seola showering?

- Sister. / - Seola.


(First poop for the day, how exciting!)


Why isn't this working?


How do you turn this on?

How do you turn this on?

This is nuts.


Yes, poop...

(He takes off his socks and gets in)

Touch this, is it hot?

- It's not hot. / - It's not?

Can we wash now?

Your bottom...

(While she fools around with Daebak)

Daebak, let's go out.

(That took ages)

Seola, towel, towel.


Seola, towel, towel.




Let's go out and change diapers.

Let's go, Daebak.

Clothes, clothes...

My socks, clothes...

Clothes, diapers...

Sua, Daebak, let's go out

and change diapers.

Come here.

- Sua, come here. / - No.

Come over here.

♪ Let's go to the mountain to catch fish ♪

Seola, your diaper.

- Are these pajamas? / - Diaper.

Where's the front?

Yes, they're clothes.

- Oh, this is it. / - This?

Let's put your diaper on.

- I'll put this on. / - Diaper...

How embarrassing.

You're going to put that on?

Is this right?

There we go.

It's done now.

You pooped well.

It's daddy.

Daddy and Daebak.

(Read me this book)

(Uncle's busy so he goes to the cameraman)

You want me to read this?

Ask the uncle to read it.

That uncle.

(Their eyes just met)

Come here. Come here.

- Daebak, let's change your diaper. / - Yes.

- Okay? / - Yes.


Good, good.

- Daebak... / - Good.

- Daebak, you must've peed. / - Good.



It smells like pee and juice.


See, you did pee.

You peed.

Let's wash with water.

You have to wash like this.

All done, all done.

All done.

All done.

No, lie down here.

Just put this on. Lie down.

Lie down...

You have to blow.

You're supposed to blow?

There we go.

(But I want to get up)

(Daebak pulls his legs out)

No, don't pull out your legs.

Teddy bear?

It's a teddy bear.

There we go.

Good boy.


- Daddy. / - Yes, daddy...

All done.

Good boy.

(That feels better)

Seola, come down.

Are you going to get changed?

- You want to wear that? / - Yes.

Should we get changed now?

(Looking around)

(Daebak, what are you doing?)

Seola, you said you wanted to wear this.

Should we get changed and go outside?

- Go outside? / - Yes.

(What was that sound?)

Daebak, are you pooping?

(Not even a minute after changing his diaper)

It's okay to poop...

(He goes back to the bathroom)

Nothing is going as planned today.

That feels better.

(Daebak's in a great mood)

(Dongwook's in the worst mood)

Let's put your diaper back on.

Come here, let's put your diaper back on.

(Are you okay, uncle?)

It's my first time.

Cleaning someone else's poop.

Getting it all over my hands.

But still...

I wanted to make sure it was all clean.

If I had pooped but if someone wiped my bottom

with wet wipes, I'd hate it.

After an hour of getting ready,

they arrive at the playground.

Should we go on the swings?


Hello, friend. Say hello.


What about Seola?

Sua goes on first.

- Swing? / - What about Seola?

There we go.

Can I have a go?


She says no.

You have to wait until she's done.

You can't take it from her because you want it.

Seola can get on after Sua.

How exciting.

Look forward.

(Seola waits as uncle said)

- Sua, should we give Seola a go? / - Yes.

- Huh? / - Seola, you try.

- Seola... / - Seola can try.

You can ride now.

I'll hold on tight.

It's me again after Seola.

- Okay. / - Got it?

Got it? Hold on tight.

Here we go.

(Seola starts to swing)



(Can I try?)

Daebak, what are you saying?

Careful, you'll fall off. It's dangerous.

It's dangerous.

Oh, she's gone.

Daebak, want a go?

She's gone.

Daebak, want a go?

Sua, you already had a go so

can't you let Daebak go first?

You're going first?

Okay then.

Push me.

- Push you again. / - Harder, harder.

(Will you listen to my story?)

Daebak, just wait.

Let's wait. It's hot.

(It's much tastier after waiting)

(It's okay to stand away from the others)


There you go.

You're just happy if I call your name.

(Even when my sister harasses me)

(I can take it)



(If my sister wants to ride first)

(I can wait for her)



(If my sisters are happy)

(I'm happy too)

Harder, harder.

(Daebak is the angel of Songdo)

Should we play with these?

Should we?

Come here.

- Ball games. / - Daebak, come here.

You hit it. That's the way. Should we try it?

I love baseball.

And since their father's a soccer player,

they can always play soccer.

I thought it'd be good for them to try something else.

Daebak, look at his.

Hit this.


(How do you do this?)

You swing this like this. Try hitting this.


You hit this ball.

(Will Daebak hit the ball?)


This ball.

No? It's no fun?

Want to try with that?

Hit this ball.

Hit it.

(He hits it again)

(Daebak's pretty good)

(Now he has bats in both hands)

(I keep doing difficult things)

(He has good form too)

(Did you like baseball?)

(But he looks at something else)

(What's he running to?)

(A soccer ball!)

(Soccer balls are the best)

Uncle, help me!

(In danger)

You're going up?

Come down this way.

(This is fun)

(Uncle, let's play this)

(He lifts it with one hand)

This? How do you do this?

What do you want to do?

- Uncle, come here. / - Okay.

I'm coming.

Sua, come down.

- You want to hit this? / - Uncle, hold me!


(Leaving again?)


Come over here.

- Come over here. / - Okay.

Push me, uncle!


Push me, uncle!

Okay, I will.

Push me.

How can I play with all three kids?

Isn't this physically impossible?

This is going against the laws of universe.

But he has defied the laws of the universe already.

Childcare is all about stamina.

He gathers his energy and

tries to defy the laws of nature once again.

Dongwook's adjusted to playing with all three kids.

You're amazing.

(Back to the ball games)

(This is so fun)

(This time?)



Good work.

(I can play by myself now)

Come to me.

Come down.

Good boy!

Kiss, Daebak.

Kiss, Daebak.


(He gets a kiss!)

Thank you.

How's Junhyun doing by himself?

(The twins are fast asleep)

(He's glued to the sofa)

He's just waiting for the twins to get up.

(He's a little bored)

(Snacks for the twins)


(And eats more)

(My mouth is always bored)

(The lonely gourmand)

(He's calling someone)

Who could this be?

You have two kids.


They're asleep now.

I'm so scared here by myself.

(Save me)

Check their diapers first when they get up.

Once they get up?

If you have poop on your underwear

and you don't clean it, it feels dirty.

How can you compare it like that?

If it's dirty for me, it's dirty for the baby.

You need to know that.

Okay, okay.

What do I do if they've pooped?

It depends on the concentration.

Depends on the concentration?

(Explains it all in detail)


Once they feel safe, they'll let you hold them.

Keep transforming their transformers.

Around 20,000 times.

So keep transforming them?

If you place the card, they'll transform.

Can't you just come?

I was just looking after my kids,

why would I go there to look after more kids?

(He calls someone else for help)

(Just then)

(Seoeon wakes from his nap)



(He's awake)

(Turns on the TV right away)

What do you want to eat?

What would you like?

Seoeon, want to sit here?

Want to drink this?

(What do I do?)

- What, that's going too far. / - That's going too far.

That's going too far.

That's going too far.

(This works)

(Doing what he can to win Seoeon's favor)

(He's turned into a voice actor)

(His body is leaning away from Junhyun)

Sounds the same, right?

(This uncle's funny)

- It's a plane. / - It's a plane.

(His body is leaning closer to Junhyun now)

(Seoeon's opened up a little bit)

This is Seoeon, Seojun, right?


Then who's this?

Who is it?


This is our second time meeting.





Was that like, "Take this?"

"Take my fart?"

Was that it?


(We need to talk)

Hwijae's enjoying his free time.

Good form, good form.

Isn't this too short?


It's been ages.

(Dad is flying)

(Can't stop laughing)

Seoeon, Seojun, it's me, dad.

You're being good boys, right?

I believe in you.

Playing soccer after such a long time...

I'm smiling from ear to ear.

Listen to the uncle.

And don't cry. I'll see you later.

(They've been watching TV for 30 minutes)

Do you remember that girl?

- The pretty girl? / - Yes.

(Looking for something on his phone)

Want me to invite this girl?

(Bouncing around)

(Seojun's suddenly very excited)

(He can't hide his joy)

(Seoeon joins in)

That's a relief.

Who is the pretty girl that excites these boys?

Look at your faces.

(She's heading to the twins)

(Filled with excitement)

(She's finally here)

The pretty girl is here.


It's open.


Hurry on in.


(Who's here to meet the twins?)

Were you being good?

I heard from Hwijae.

During the Entertainment Awards...

Song Sohee entered their room in her golden dress.

Seoeon and Seojun just ran to her

and let her hold them.

I remembered that.

So I decided to ask her for help.

Have you been well? Do you remember me?


- You're saying yes? / - Yes.

Please open this for me.

Open it?

What's my name, Seojun?

Song Sohee.


- Hello. / - Hello.

Good boy.

Seoeon, who am I?

When did we meet?

We met once.

(When was it again?)

Hey, this isn't right.

You boys...

I think you've lost weight.

Geez. Let's sit.

- Thanks so much. / - Don't mention it.

- You worked hard. / - I should do something alone.


Lee Seoeon.

You're not scared of me anymore since Sohee's here?

Were you scared of uncle?

Are you okay now with Sohee?

I understand how you feel.

But this isn't right.

- They must feel bad. / - Now you're smiling for me?

(The twins have changed)

Lee Seoeon.

Thanks to Sohee, the twins are full of life.

- I found it. / - It's this?


(They share long gazes)

(I'm coming to you)

(Seoeon won't leave pretty Sohee's side)

You've reached Nirvana.

You've reached Nirvana.

(She touches his hair)

(Turns away)

(Seojun suddenly walks away)


Seojun seems very upset.

(He quietly walks past the kitchen)

He sits in the dark all alone.

Seojun, what's wrong?

What's wrong with him?

What is it?

Tell your uncle. Why are you here?

(What happened to Seojun?)

You were upset.

- Were you upset? / - Yes.

A little upset?

Tell uncle.




What happened to Seojun?

Let's check back on the SoDa Siblings.

Pick out the ingredients you want to eat.

- What do you want to eat? / - Cold noodles.

Not cold noodles.

Let's have toast since it's breakfast.

I'll make it tasty for you.

I'm a great cook.

You'll be shocked.

- Let's cook together. / - Okay.


It's salty if you have too much liquid.


What are you making?

I'll make you delicious sausage bread.

(Such a commotion)

Hello, this is Kwanghee and Hyungsik's

Superman Cooking Secrets. Welcome.



We're going to make sausage sandwiches today.

Press the bread with a bowl.

Watch. Like this.

- No, no! / - Why not?

- It hurts. / - It hurts the bread?

It hurts the bread.

You need to press it down.

- Press it down. / - Hard.

- Press. / - I did...

Place a slice of ham.

I'm going to eat this.

This isn't pretty.

- A pretty one. / - I ripped it.

You ripped it? Put it in like this.

Squeeze this. Here.

As much as you can eat.

Eat it?

(Cracks up every time he talks)

Don't eat it.

The pickles...

- I don't like pickles. / - Watch this. The pickles...

- Me too. / - Put them in like this.

- Why? / - It's tasty.

I can do it on my own.

You place it on the side.

And then...

- Did you do it, Hyungsik? / - Eat it?

Eat it?

- Did you do it, Hyungsik? / - Eat it?

Eat it?

- Ketchup... / - I want to eat.



I've rolled it up.

- Really? / - No.

- No? / - No.

Daeul, you roll it up too.

- I want to put ketchup on it. / - Like this...

On top?

Daeul, roll it up.

Like this...

Open up.

Open wide, Daeul.

- What is it? / - Eat it.

What's wrong?

You want to do it on your own?

- Yes. / - Eat it on your own.

(On my own)

(On my own!)

(He was saying he wants to do it himself)

(On my own)

(I want to eat it on my own!)

Eat it, eat it.

The uncles couldn't understand what Daeul wanted.

- How does it taste? / - It's good.

It's good, right?

- Smack. / - Smack?

- Smack. / - Smack?

- Smack! / - Goodness.

I'm sorry.

He said he's sorry. Forgive him.

- I'm sorry. / - Forgive him.


Uncle Taecyeon was here last time, right?

- Uncle Taecyeon. / - Yeah.

Who do you like better? Me or him?

(Let's see)

It's hard.

Start with Soeul.

They have different charms.

Who will Soeul choose?

You like me?

You like me?

(Hyungsik is no. 1 but that's a secret)

- Where's the water? / - Huh?

- Where's the water? / - Huh?

- You have it? / - No.

- No? / - No.

Where is it?

- He's asking if you have water. / - I don't have any.

(That's no good)

Eat jam instead of water.

Should we?

Put jam in the water.


- Here. / - Is that for me?

- Yes. / - That's for me?

(One day without warning)

(Daeul's water bottle has pierced my heart)

- Drink up. / - What's going on?

(Exaggerated actions for Daeul)


- Drink up. / - I don't have water.

Drink big boy's.

I can drink big boy's? Thank you.

- That's what he means. / - Thanks.

That's what he means.

Where were you, uncle?

I was coming from outside.

Got it?

Daeul doesn't look pleased.

Kwanghee, I think you're making a mistake.

Will he be okay?

- No. / - Did you eat, big boy?

- No. / - Did you eat, big boy?

I want some!

(Uncle Kwanghee, you're quite thoughtless)

Which one's your toothbrush?


This one?

Come here.


- That's big boy's. / - Use big boy's.

That's sister's.

- This is your sister's? / - It's too minty.

That's BB cream.

Let's brush our teeth.

Do it for him.

- You have to do it for him? / - Like this.

Hey, don't eat the toothpaste.

I'll show you how it's done.

- Look here. / - Open up, Daeul.

- You open your mouth... / - Daeul...

Then brush like this.

- Big boy can do it on his own. / - Okay.

Aren't you explaining?

Brush, brush.

Aren't you brushing yours?

- No? / - Why aren't you brushing yours?

- Let's wash our face. / - Wash.

Good boy.

- Wash. / - Good boy.

Come here.

I already washed my face this morning.

Let's do it though. I'll help.

No thanks.

- Soeul can do it after Daeul. / - I can do it myself.

- Really? / - Yes.


Daeul, you can see me in the camera.

Daeul, your face is here.

- Hello, Daeul. / - Hello.

Daeul, what's your sister's name?


It's Soeul?

Daeul. Do you like mom or dad?

I like dad.

Why don't you like mom?

I don't like her. Go.

- You want her to go? / - Yes.

I'm angry.

You're angry? Why are you angry?

When she scolds my sister, I'm angry.

Big boy is angry!

Big boy is angry?

- Should we get dressed and go out? / - No.

How do I put his pants on?

- Goblin, goblin. / - Goblin?

I'll go get some water.

(Will the goblin work?)

Let's get some water...

Oh, my goodness!

There's a goblin!

Why are you here, goblin?

Why are you here, goblin?

I'm here for Daeul.

Why do you want with Daeul?

- Goblin. / - No!


Why are you here, goblin?

Because he won't get dressed.

Will you leave if Daeul gets dressed?

I'll leave if Daeul gets dressed.

Okay, Daeul's going to put his pants on.

You'll put your pants on?

He's getting dressed now. Go away.

I'm dressed.

- He's dressed. / - Leave.

Put your top on too.

The goblin's leaving because you listened.

- He's leaving? / - Yeah, he's just leaving.

I'm dressed!

I'm dressed!

(We did it, didn't we?)

Daeul has to take his medicine.

Why? Is it hard?

Medicine for your runny nose.

I don't want it.

I'll eat this.


- This is yummy. / - 3ml.

Whose is this?

This is mine.

- This is for Hyungsik. / - What about mine?

This is yours.

This is yours, Soeul.

What about me?

Daeul, this is yours.

Let's all drink this together.


For Daeul's cold to get better! Cheers!

Drink up.

So good.

(Incredible actors)

- So good. / - Drink it all.

Soeul, drink it all.

Daeul, drink it all.

Good boy.

Big boy did it.

(Let's have some more)

You'll be a good drinker later.

You'll be a good drinker later.

(Daeul took all of his medication too)

1, 2, 3.

Let's check back on Rohui now.

(Rohui's having fun with the uncles)

(Focused on the dancing robot)

(The uncles are getting excited)

(This is fun)

(Just then)

All done.

(Where did my dad go?)


Rohui, come here...

(The real childcare has just begun)

Want to see this? What's this?

What is this?

(They talk nonsense to calm Rohui)

(They bounce around as well)

We must look so silly right now.


(At least Rohui's calmed down)

(He puts her down to catch his breath)

(Rohui stretches out her arms to Yonghwa)

Oh, you missed me.

(No, I want someone to hold me)

(Yonghwa's all sweaty)

(The dance party begins again)

Yonghwa calmly settles Rohui.

He even uses white noise just as Taeyoung taught him.

You'd believe him if he said he was Rohui's daddy.


(Rohui leans on Yonghwa's chest)

She's leaning on me.


Wipe my sweat.

Thanks so much.


This isn't easy.

It really isn't easy.

(Their first time dealing with childcare)

(He looks a little out of it)

I've wiped my sweat. Let's play some more.

Let's change the lyrics...

Rohui, uncle...

Uncle's not a bad singer.


She looked at me when I said that.

♪ You are my Rohui ♪

♪ You're prettier than the stars in the sky ♪

♪ The more I look at you ♪

♪ The prettier you are ♪

♪ You are my Rohui ♪

(Tissue stuck on his face)

Oh, my Rohui. Thank you very much.

First off...

I've left her with the uncles.

(Looking back)

I can't relax.

I have to eat first.

Thank you for giving me this time.

I'm so thankful for the uncles.

I'm washing my hair.

Dad gets made up to visit...

You can see, right?

Kid's park.

Rohui's toy...

This is for Rohui...

It's quite cute.

While dad is busy toy shopping.

Rohui and the uncles have gotten quite close.


That's the way.

She seems to like it.



(Why is mom in there?)


I'm the best dancer in Korea.

Curious, right?

Curious, Rohui?

You're telling me to dance this?

(The top dancer in Korea?)

Is she watching?

(They take a short break)

(Attempting to do ET with Rohui)

She did it! She did it!

I'm so moved.



The weather's nice. Should we go outside?

She wants to go.



You kissed it.

Kiss me too.


(Rohui kissed me!)

I was so moved when she kissed me.

Wow... Rohui...

It's like she's accepted me now.

Rohui and the uncles have gone out.


Rohui, we're...

We'll take the subway to where we work.

Then dad will pick you up from there.

It's been so long since I took the subway.

It might be Rohui's first time too.

(They discover a shop inside the station)

Hello. Say hello.


What tastes good?

(Like a young couple grocery shopping)

(Jonghyun buys some traditional cookies)

(He pays for his purchase)

- Thank you. / - Good-bye.

Rohui, let's eat one.

(Let's have a taste)


(Rohui just eats the popped rice)


It's good, right?

(They're waiting for the train)

(Excited by going out)

(He's even more excited than Rohui)


♪ My first train ride ever ♪

♪ It's so exciting ♪

This is trot.

You're happy?

You're so happy?

You're happy.

You're happy?

I've never seen her so happy.

- Goodness. / - No, no.

No, Rohui.

You want to look like a princess.

Wait, wait.

There. You look so pretty.

(Back to lovely Rohui)




Here we go.

- Rohui's Western style. / - Just then...

Say hello to the lady.


If you have a baby...

You say hello, right?

I think you feel like showing her off.


Let's go, Rohui.

Excuse me.

Say hello.

I'm Rohui.

I'm Rohui.

- Rohui. / - Say hello.


She's not easy to please.

Now we just look like a married couple.

Rohui. 1, 2, 3.

(Rohui looks at the camera too)

(A family photo?)

Rohui, show them what you're good at.

Let's give her a point.

(Rohui's talent showcase)

(Pointing with a straight face)

They shook hands.

It's her ultimate move.

(It's time to get off now)

I'm a big fan.

Oh, thank you.

Let's go, Rohui.

♪ I'm a loner, I'm a loner ♪

Where are you from?

We're Chinese.

- Where are you from? / - Indonesia.



Rohui, I'll show you the meaning of fan service.

(Turns around)

(The stationmaster has come out to see them)


I'm Rohui.

Who's that?

- Is that Eugene's daughter? / - Yes.

(They walk with confidence)

(They arrive at Apgujeong with the baby)

We'll walk past. Hello!

(Nice to meet you)

What's this?

♪ You frequently met other men ♪

They arrived excitedly at their work place.

Next chapter. Someone arrives to help out Dongwook.


Something like this.

(Welcome, uncle)

Dongwook's helper is moved to tears

by the Beagle Sisters.

(Seojun starts to cry)

Seojun suddenly started to cry.

What happened to him?

The SoDa Siblings and the twins visit the schoolhouse.

- Will they do well with their lessons? / - Seojun!


(A surprise song prepared by the uncles)

The uncles prepared a memorable time

that the children will never forget.

(Look forward to the next chapter)

The Return of Superman. Chapter 127.

"You Can't Have Childcare Without Breaks."

Don't miss out on the second story.