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[The city with romance and freshness - Taipei]

[Go Fighting group arrives at Taipei]

[Charming rear profile]

[Who is the beauty picking them up at airport]

WHOA [This sexy voice!]

[Lin Chi-ling]

Give me a hug

Wait for your turn [Hot Leilei's Hormone is out of control]

Do I need to hug each one of you?

Get in line, get in line [People's goddess~]

Xun, long time no see [People's goddess~]

Jeez, everyone is rushing

[Hormone in action]

Be careful! [Seize your beauty]

What's going on?

[I can't take Leilei's overbearing love]

Long time no see [The king misses you]

Call the police, hurry up

Don't be afraid

Chi-ling, move one step to your right

Those three are on one side you know

They are in one group?

Yeah yeah

We have a very special name called

We are divided by IQ

Go Fighting's Three Dummies

That side is Go Fighting's Three Wits

But piggy is our spy

Yeah sorry guys [Substitute player]

Alright I will stand by this side [Afraid of get infected by three dummies]

Welcome Go Fighting squad to Taiwan [Director releasing quest]

You are here to film an idol drama

Because the show doesn't have much budget [Mission: film Go Fighting drama]

WHAT?! We act in concert with them all the time

WHAAAAT?! [Exaggerate]

So today we won't have any money right?

Today's filming will be fund by the money from your own pockets

We shall pawn these cameras for money

We are here to film a show

Stop filming then

Let's go play

That's right, stop filming then

Why are we pushing each other?

Forget it, let's gather money first

We need money [Ready to raise funds to film a drama]

He took all my money

These are yours [Friend's money is my money]

[Huang Bo invested 9 Yuan]

I'm a big shareholder

[Rule - Whoever gives more money will play the leading role]

-I have 1000 -You have 1000?

You brought 1000 here? Oh my god

Why are they so quiet?

We don't have any

I only brought 100

The best thing to do when filming Go Fighting is

Hide some money

Exactly. Because the show "never has budget"

[Piggy invested 3.9 Yuan] This is mine

He split on it, what the?

[The leading role is mine!]

Alright, let's announce that the money in plate will pay for our dinner

[Leilei is the biggest shareholder] 3000, I have 3000

Any of them surpass me?

Put it down Honglei

[Assign character according to amount of money]

First, let me tell you our requirements for this drama

[Make demands without give us money?]

First, please be your own screenwriter and director

You will write and direct on your own

We have the final say on the plot?

Actors have to listen to the director right? [Making sure status]

[Requirement 1: Idol drama] It has to feel like a idol drama

With this little money?

[Requirement 2:]The plot must have ups and downs, authentic emotions, and makes people cry

Cheesy plot [Make a drama in a day]

You only have 12 hours to fulfill this mission

It's going to sucks so bad, film drama in 24 hours [What happened to 12 hours...]

Including opening and ending?
It's going to sucks so bad, film drama in 24 hours [What happened to 12 hours...]

Including opening and ending?

No worries, Sun Honglei's dramas are all like that

[Go Fighting drama START FILMING?]

[Riding bus to shooting site]

[Writing script on the way]

[First scene's director - Huang Bo] Ok

Finished [That's it?]

-Finished? Director? -Finished. [So efficient]

You must be hot and sexy

[Dao Mingsi play by Sun Honglei]

You have to walk with swag, you know?

It's too boring with only romance, we need actions


You standing on the balcony with heroine

Look into each other's eyes, when you are about to do something

A fierce wind blows

To protect the heroine, you push her inward

Then you fall from the building

-From what floor? -32 floors

When you reach 25 floors, a wire grabs you

-Make a couple of turns in the air -Grab at his waist?

No, grab around his neck. Hang him and sway him

[Doesn't sound right] Then you fall to the ground

Because he is so strong, he is still alive

[I'm the next director]-Bo -Then a car drives on him

He is still alive! Then a donkey cart drives by

The cart doesn't drive on him, but the donkey steps on him several times [Can't stop...]

He is still alive!

His face is thick, donkey can't defeat it

Remember, I'm the second director

You wait, I'm the second director [Pay me back]

You are going to be my actor

I gave all the best parts to you

Yeah, that's right.

But the donkey feet 'bang bang bang' on my face

-That's close-up -Then hang by wire in the air

I must play the donkey

Director, let me play the donkey [Full of expectation]

I want to be donkey

You are Simon

[Simon - played by Issing]

You need to let your neck go

Doesn't matter where you go, shake it [Simon's characteristic: shake neck]

Always like that

[Neck is not as flexible]

In addition to that, you have another mission

Every time when the leading role speaks

When he get to the third sentence

You must 'HA HA HA' next to him

[My only line is HAHAHA] Laugh no matter what he says

Director, I have an idea about my character

I've decided for you

[Mei Zuo(Beauty sit) - played by Huang Lei]

You must sit for every scene

[Mei Zuo's characteristic - Sitting down]

Mei Zuo, Beauty sit, sit and act

Director, what about me?

[Hua Zelei - played by Wang Xun]

Your name is a great hint, be gloomy

Hua Zelei, lei (tired), you have to be tired

[Hua Zelei's characteristic - tired]

No matter where I am, I'm exhausted

Suan Cai (pickle) is a great name

[Suan Cai - played by Lin Chi-ling]

You are a tough girl, filled with positive energy

Positive energy

But why are you named after pickle?

Because you are a little sour

So what am I going to be?

Walk on
So what am I going to be?

Walk on

[All walk-on characters - played by Huang Bo]

You are director, and walk-on

I'm also screen writer, I can write whatever I want

We can torture you however we want [War between leading role and director]

Walk-on's job is to hit you [War between leading role and director]

I'm main character, you are a pedestrian

[Flower-like boys]

[Leading role - Dao Mingsi]

[Heroine - Suan Cai]

[Laughing at the cheap clothing]

I'm sorry

Are you going on a fashion show?

Sorry sorry one more time

[Main characters' astonishing first appearance]

[King and his lady]

[Erotic smile]

Come on out

All departments get ready [A shocking glance]

All departments get ready, we are about to start

[What's this?] About to start

[Monsters] Excuse me, what the hell are you?

[Filming horror movie?]

[Female Villain - Zhu Bishi]

[Ah... My beauty can't compete with her]

[Prettier than me...]

[Shocking 'beauty']

Scared me

Scared you? I scared the hell out of myself

Because I'm your BFF~ let's go [Huang Bo plays best friend]

Director, I want to throw up

Let's form a line, and make a pose

We are getting down to business

[About the begin - Youthful idol drama]

[First scene-Time: 10:30am/Place: Boulevard/Director: Huang Bo]

Two cars are ready

What for?

So basically...

[Can't stop] Wait a second, you look like a

Tibetan mastiff

[Rich man - wearing fur in summer]

Honglei let me fix it for you

Don't touch it,it is fleece

Don't touch my fleece

Hurry up,it is 10:30 already, we are still doing first scene

Which car is ours?

Decide on your own

Remember, wait for my signal before you drive here

If I turn like this

Didn't get it, do it again

Go away

Director you look disgusting

So sick

Let's talk about our discipline

Reflective objects such as mirrors are not allowed

It will hurt actor's self-esteem

[I'm really pretty though]

Alright get in the cars

Safety first, safety first

We can shoot multiple times, but you only have one life

All departments get set

Alright, action


Suan Cai, I'm really upset lately

What's up?

[I haven't finish my line]

They are too fast


What's up?

I didn't spin my skirt [Drive after skirt spinning!]

We followed him [Prank director]

Listen to him huh?

Dear actors! ACT! Pay attention alright?

Scared me

Look at my skirt

All department get set

First scene, first take, second roll

Suan Cai, I'm really upset lately [BFFs on the way to school]

Have to wait for his signal

What is he doing with Chi-ling? [Can't wait for his scene]

Xun is so into his character

[Tired and gloomy]

Acting Lei?

Tired, I'm so tired

Front seats feels pretty good

So if I'm in a good mood, I might introduce some to you [Huang Bo sent signal]

Let's go [skirt has span]


[Can't reach you] Water is not enough


Alright, first car listen up

First car please don't stop

If you stop, the second car CAN'T GO THROUGH!

[How dare you yell at me?] What kind of actor is this?

Alright get ready

First scene, first take, third roll

We are not going to wait for his signal this time [Ignore director]

Because you like my scarf for a while now

[A scarf made of sock] So I'm giving it to you

You can wear it as a scarf or...

A sock

Yeah a sock

[Cheesy drama: bully the heroine]

It's raining? [Opens up second bottle]

How can you do this?

[BFF runs first] Come back!

[Rebellious guys]

Pig! Come out!

Director~ how was our acting? Director~

Did anyone spin skirt?

Did anyone spin skirt?

Director, we were too excited

We are new

Try not to spill too much

[Gentle - hand over tissues to Chi-ling]

You didn't tell us how much you want us to spill though

Director why were you walking inside? [Should let girl walk inside]

I need to let her have more shots

[These actors are so annoyed]

So director, who should we splash water to?

Of course Chi-ling [For the spot]

So why did you dodge?

You spattered me [How dare you question director]

You can't do that

Did I spin my skirt?

I didn't spin it why did you drive over here?

We have to do it again now

Director, I tell you what

-Are you stupid? -Screw you

[How dare you hit the king?] I TELL YOU WHAT!

Let's get into the car, last roll

We have to pass this time

[Ignore script, get out of car]

Run run run

[Skipped Suan Cai]

[High heels]

[Idol drama becomes action movie]

You can't run away, we have to do it again now

What a director, so disturbing

First scene, second take, first roll

What first roll, about 60 rolls



What to do? How can you do this?

[Huang Bo taking a shower.avi]

What are you doing!

[Walk-on is taking heroine's scene]

Go, let's go

[My fur!]

[Lady becomes shrew]

Director, you dropped your sock

[It was so funny]

[Dedicated] Give it a shot

Director, how was it director?

The script has just changed

We will pour two buckets of water into your car

Director, Chi-ling pulled my fur off, we need take another one

No worries, Honglei the fur doesn't look good around your neck

You should put it somewhere else

What? Stay away from my fur

Honglei be careful with your head

Come over, I'll tell you where it should go [Just watching]

[Dao Mingsi transforming]

Alright, like a wolf

[Just smiling]

Director, we got a new style

Alright, next scene

[Hard working 'actress'] The last scene was amazing, you guys were awesome

[You were awesome]

Alright, let's get into your character

It was only an overture [First episode second scene]

Don't forget your character

Simon how should you be like?

Shake head

Hua Zelei, your face is not helping

But you can make up with your emotions

Lei, tired, all kinds of tired

Did you eat it?

[Props is half gone...]It was melting

Eat prop is a no-no

You will be next to me

Don't touch me, stay away

[Your face is hurting my eyes]

You better enjoy this scene [You wait]

Act well, it's a precious opportunity for you to play main character

Really, we want your beautiful face

Mei Zuo, beauty sit, go find somewhere, sit down and be pretty

Got it? Be pretty

Femme fatale, you know?

Jeez [Into the play already]

You don't even need to act, you are femme fatale

[Even feet are into the role] For you to act this role
You don't even need to act, you are femme fatale

[Even feet are into the role] For you to act this role

-Suit me so well -I didn't even think about acting

[Piggy Fatale]

Director, where did the wolf go?

Down there somewhere

I need to hide the brick they will use to hit me

[Treasuring his life! Hiding prop]-He is hiding bricks -So we have to use the real ones then

I don't think this role is for him

[Dedicating actor Huang] He slows us down

Really, I agree

So I suggest, since Dao Mingsi slows our progress, although director planned to kill him later

I think we should beat him to death in this scene

Director, can I use this chair?

[Sounds good]

Alright, get ready guys


Flower-like boys F4

[Too shy to shake his head]

[This school is under my control]

I can't go die, not me

[Dao Mingsi with dog tail]

[These acting skills]

[So tired]


Director can we stop?

How was it?

[Boyz forgot their characteristics] I forgot to shake head

One more take ok?

You forgot to shake head, you forgot to be tired, you forget to sit

-Remember to... -So we didn't pass?

-No -Tell us a little earlier alright?

There is the acting area

What else do you want?

[Hehehe, What are they laughing about?]

Hurry, one more time

WOAH F4 IS COMING!! [Super exaggerate]

Slow motion

[Poor quality]

[Classic plot - Drop ice-cream on main character]

[Sisters' revenge]

Alright resume to regular speed

What are you doing?

You said shoes, is this shoe?

[Back to shooting]

-I'm sorry -What are you doing?

[Hand is sticky...]

[Wipe it]

Clean with hand? Lick it clean!

That was my line

Continue, don't stop. No stop without "cut", continue

Give me a second, I'm confused

[Lines got stolen, don't know what to do]

[What a dummy] My eyes and my expressions are a little confused

Don't touch me! EYES!

Nobody touched you


OK, actor's mood is here [These eyes are perfect]

Screw you, everything is doubled in my eyes

Give me a second, for real [I'm a serious actor]

-Two seconds -One, two

[Professional actor, getting into role in 2 seconds]

Ok, start

-Oh no, what have I done -Don't worry

-His dad is principle -So what?

Can you be deeper? Hua Zelei is a deep, implicit and introverted man

Very attractive, understand?

Director, give him some tears

[Like this?] Give me eye drops

Hold your head back

Isn't he Hua Zelei?

Director he is ready

Remember emotion [Ice cream]
Director he is ready

Remember emotion [Ice cream]


Dedicated actor, does his own makeup

One two three, start


[Wronged faces]Is not a big deal


Guys come over here

What's your problem? Talk to my sis like that?

Watch your back

What the heck is that? Tail?

[Remembering his characteristic]

Still shaking


Suan Cai's rage is about to burst out

There are 3 hot guys beside her

They are F1 2 3... where is 4 [Sitting beautifully]

Director I'm here


It's not a big deal, you guys are always bullying people

If apology counts, what are the police used for?

He has a Northeast tone to it

Sorry director

Director, he said 'wat are the police for'

[Northeast idol drama] What the heck is 'wat are the police for'

What are the police used for

If apology counts, what are the police for?

If apology counts, what are the po..police for?

What a brain [Northeast's Dao Mingsi]

Practiced so many time already

If apology counts [shaking]

What are the police used for? [finally passed]

Then what do you want?

What I want? Lick it


[Director said to laugh]


Lick it or you will know the consequence

Tell you what, let me lick it

I made the mess, I'm really sorry [Sweet]

[Stay away from me] No no

Don't push me away [Cheesy acting]

Where is your hahaha

[Are you stupid?]

Lick it


How could you do that? No respect at all

Say your line, quiet a personality

[Limited budget - action scenes all use slow motion] Slow motion

Then hit me with the stick

[Professional actor - does his own sound effect]

-Say your line -Quiet a personality, I like it

This girl...

That was the third line [Always interrupt at the key lines]

That was the third line

I'm done

Give me a tissue, I'm done

-You like the character I gave you? -Loving it

Come on

Quiet a personality, I like girl like you

Everyone listen up, she is my girl from now on

-Dao Mingsi! -In your dream!

[Said a line, hit by a stick]

[Why a woman gives a hard time to another woman?]What are you doing?

[Didn't mean to]

Do I have insurance? Director

[Comedy action idol drama]

I'm sorry

[First episode wrap]

[First episode took 2 hours to film] It's finally over

[First episode Encounter]

Suan cai, tell you what

I'm really upset lately

There are so many guys chasing me

-Like who? -Too many

-Who do you like? -None of them deserves me. But F4 are not bad

Although you don't have the look like I do, but don't give up

Maybe one day I can introduce some to you

Not everyone can be as pretty as I am, but...

Run hurry hurry


How can you do this?

Come back!

Oh my god, screw F4

WOW F4 is coming!



So annoying,I can't take it anymore

Don't worry I will apologize to them

I'm sorry

What's your problem?

If apology counts, what are the police used for?

Then what do you want?

What I want?

Lick it or you know the consequence

No way

Don't lick it

Let me do it

His dad is the principle

So what?

Lick it! L-I-C-K I-T!

How could you say such thing? No respect at all

Quiet a personality, I like it

Everyone listen up, she is my girl from now on

Issing, don't fall in love easily


Because it takes one second to meet someone, one day to like someone

But to forget someone

may take a lifetime

[Second Scene/Time: 12:30pm/Place: Rooftop/Director: Sun Honglei]

Everyone gather up

Let's go over the script

Suan Cai is really upset, want to commit suicide

She encounters Hua Zelei on the rooftop

[Exciting] Yes director

They fall in love

[I finally get love scenes]

After they have feelings for each other, they will kiss

-Kiss? -Yeah

[Fast pace storyline]So director, we don't have anything to do?

Yeah take a break [It's my stage]

Didn't get to you guys yet

Suan Cai sneezes when they are about to kiss

[I want to kiss]

[What a relief] At this moment, Piggy sees them


That's it for this scene

[Cheesy plot twists]Take a break everyone

So what are Simon and I going to do?

Simon, I, Simon applies for play Tian Mao

Hold the board

Get ready everyone

I want to play the board, it's more comfy [Being a scene-grabber is so exhausting]

Are you guys ready?

Yeah ready

Director you are so hot

Director you are so hot [Give me some scenes]

Am I hot? [The corners of his mouth curved up]

[You are the hottest]

Oh my god [I'm still too young]

Hua Zelei are you ready?

Yeah no worries director

Director, sorry, when do I make the call?

[This kid...] You will hint me, right?

Can you stop steal others' scenes?

I don't want to waste time, I want to know the timing, the tempo

When they are about to kiss

[Uh-huh] When you feel they are going too far

When they fall in love

Then take your phone out [Super smart Zhu Bishi]

I got it, got it

Evilly take your phone out

After I kiss [Don't interrupt my scene]

Can I hold you while you play the board?


Don't hit me with your head

Go Fighting, rooftop, first take first roll [Chi-ling is already into it]

[Blower effect] Great

Don't move around too much [Kuaiban]

-He knows how to play Kuaiban -Huh?


[Music genius in idol drama]

[Adding scenes with his talent]

So talented


Are you psycho?

You are so far away from the camera, you are not even in it

No director, I have lines, after I say my lines I will walk over

You need to at least be at this spot

Pass by her, accidentally see her

[Finally understood] Then you walk to her, suddenly

-I'll act it out for you -Alright

-Go Fighting, rooftop, first take second roll, start

Someone is here!

Went on the rooftop, I'm so happy to see Suan Cai

So happy, so happy, makes me want to sing a love song

Stop stop stop

You acting is disgusting I can't stand it anymore

Chi-ling I apologize for our new actor

Come on, one more time


Director, you are in the camera

My emotions were just right, you...

[Do I get to say my lines or not]

Some actors, please don't interrupt Wang Xun's emotion

-But director you... -Can you stop interrupting him?

You are in the picture though [Director can't do that]

How is he going to act without me being him?

How can he create emotion while facing an actress like Chi-ling? [So tired]

He can only create emotion by looking at me

Then we can't sell the drama

[My beautiful face guarantees sales]

Alright, I will leave the picture

Ready, go

[Naturally stealing scenes]

Why is he following me?

Issing what are you doing?

I'm here to learn [Leave me alone]

-Issing I'm begging you -I'm here to learn

Step on her foot


[Exaggerating encounter acting]

Oh she is going to commit suicide, she is going to jump off from here!

-At a moment like this I... -STOP TALKING

Don't say monologue in your mind out loud

Our show is not that shallow ok? [I just want to say some lines]

Don't say what's on your mind out loud, just act, ok?

Walk by, accidentally see her, act your feelings out

Play Kuaiban, then do a handstand

This is your last chance ok?

This is your last chance, kissing scene

But I need a line before I do a handstand

Someone bring a tape here, to hold her skirt down

[Block her up for her privacy] -Hold her dress down with tape

Over here and one more over there [All becomes sweet man]

[Everyone is helping Chi-ling]

Next take, come on

-You do a handstand -Alright I'll show you [Classic handstand scene]

Director [What?]

I need a wall here

There are walls right behind you
I need a wall here

There are walls right behind you

-It's too low -I can hold you

So what? You want Chi-ling to be your wall??

I want to do it!

How to be a wall? Tell me [Do anything to grab scenes]

Issing is too skinny

Let us all build a row of walls [I want some scenes too]

A row of walls, alright, let's help Wang Xun out

Suan Cai, Cheer up! [Wall]

You can do it!

[Must be difficult for his old bones]


[Holding it]

One more time

You can do it! 1 2 3 go!


[Handstand scene without any sense of beauty]

Say your line

Did I make you happy? If you are, can I have a kiss?

Yes I am, kiss...

-Wang Xun, don't move -Why are you walking away


I think it's impossible to kiss while doing a handstand, too hard on actors


Let me do a demonstration, watch how director acts

[Dumbest teaches you to act] Remember every step, every movement, ok?


Director calm down, be careful of high blood pressure

[The real deal]

[Mary Sue Suan Cai]

[Jack Sue Lei]

[The love story of a middle age man]

[The End]

You got it?

[New ways of steal scene - Camera man] Alright get ready

[Rooftop romance]

What are you? A gangster? Use your hand?

Stop right here and don't use your hand

Ok ok no hand


This scene is finished, then film Show Lo's part [An end without beginning]

-Director...I haven't... -It's over

Where is assistant director? Get him out of here

Hurry hurry go go go

So "cut" after I say Hua Mama ok?

Just say "Mama"

Say "MAMA!"

-Mom, guess what! -Alright

I think "guess what" is too much [Shut up]

Just say "Mom", then cut

-Will there be close-up? -Yes [Fix my make-up for close-up scene]

Film you from all angles so you need to fix it up

Sorry for the wait

Who gave you these stockings?

-Look at it, these stockings... -It's what they wore in those years

How can you match these stockings with sneakers?

But high heels hurts...

Alright, our budgets are limited

We never had budget

Issing get in your position [Camera-sheep in position]

[Exaggerate acting v1.0]

[Bishi is upset and about to commit suicide]

You shameless jerk!

[Throwing up because of sadness]

[I am Femme fatale]

[Cheesy acting] -Piggy that was too much -Too much right?

Yeah you looked like gorilla when you were throwing up

So hold it back a little [I look like gorilla?]

Hold it back, we want to deliver realism


Acting, experience it in depth, feel it then express it [Learned]

We are not Germany expressionism, we are realism alright?

Stanislavski, remember it, one more time

Also I think you can add a little pride


[Chang Sha's little pride]

What pride? He is about throw up

[Exaggerate acting v2.0]

[Sees Suan Cai and Hua Zelei dating]

[Realism acting]

[Added some pride]

[Like a man] Mom

[Audience are all in shock]

Did you see that? What a great actor

Thank you director

-Congrats -Thank you director

[Oscar best supporting actress]It was perfect

This scene is done, thank you guys very much

Good work guys [Second episode wrapped]

[Second episode A crush]

How could you say such thing? No respect at all

Quiet a personality, I like it

Suan cai, why are you here?

Go away

Suan Cai, I know you are upset

When you are upset, especially when you are about to cry

You can do a handstand to hold back your tears

-Really? -Really

Try it

Show me

-Look at me -I want to be happy, I want to be happy

-Suan Cai! Cheer up!

Suan Cai! You can try this when you ever get upset!

I will remember it!

-Can hold your tears back, really -Ok ok, I'll remember

-Thank you, Lei -No problem, Cai

Wow F4 is coming!!

You bastard


Master, what do you feel when you fall in love with someone secretly

Issing, you will be contradictory, you want her to know your feeling

but also, you are afraid of being known by her

What hurts you most is she pretending ignorance

Do you get it


We have been rehearsing for a whole morning[Huang Lei act as the director]

How about complete the film once


We don't won't be disturb you[Hesitating]

Do you want us in?

Don't be afraid of it

Tell me who do you want to let him stay out of the room photographed site

Sun Honglei


Be quiet, finally we have a normal director

The director is speaking, be quiet[You keep talking]

You share the same hairstyle with someone in 'the first drop of blood'

Stallone[This is fashion]

Okay, Issing see Chi-ling walking from here

The key line is[Simon also loves Suancai]

I have fallen in love with a girl secretly for a long time

Then you pay and leave

The props

Move all of these there

Bishi, sit here

What? Face to face

[Pride]I am tired for acting in every episode

Alas, I don't know what to do with you



[Two beautiful figurants]Hello

This is Issing

[Fall into disfavour]

I want to act a male role

Sorry, no

There are too many women here[Men's battle, for the women]

So It would be better if I act a male role

I even see your beard

You should be more enthusiastic[Enthusiastic when seeing the beauties]

Sit down please

Where should I sit

Brother Bo

What's your intention

Sit down here

Look, because all of you love Issing

And you are sisters

We are sisters?


Sister[It's fine]


What's wrong


Get ready

Well, action

[Thai language?]


Issing, it's your turn[Well...]

What is it? I forget it

I am leaving

[I can stay alone with the beautiful girls]

[Simon leaves the restaurant]

Okay, you stay here and go to other place for directing

[Encounter with Suancai]

Cheers[A drunk passer-by]

[Rescuing the beauty]Issing, Huang Bo behaves like a hoodlum now

Issing protects Chi-ling[The drunk man is beaten]

Okay, sit down beside Chi-ling

Okay, action

The figurants now act as the passers-by

Ask him about the direction

[What are you doing there, man]


Slow motion now

Issing tell Chi-ling affectionately

Give my money back

Why torture yourself[Ignore Show]

Tell here slowly

[Set an example in person]

I'll dub for you

Are you ready, action

Why torture yourself[In character]

Okay, let's go to another place

Shall we begin

Look, without Sun Honglei, the scene becomes normal[In order]

The crew, is the car ready for us

Bo [The key prop: car]

Do you know this song[Driver]

The northeast people are living Lei Feng

Are they ready

[The northeast people are living Lei Feng.MP3]Lao Zhang drive to the northeast

Traffic collision


Okay, listen to me

Issing, do you want to have an intimate contact with Sistr

Do you want it

It would go too far


It's acting

Chi-ling, you are drunk and stay with him

When you are are, Issing, here is your chance

[Confused but cute]

You confused him with Hanazawa Rui

His name is Lay, It sounds like Lei

And then you kiss him

Are you serious


Then you become sober

You push him and run

At that time, Huang Bo is driving a car to you

You are almost hit

You run to Chi-ling and push her away

Then you are hit by the car[An accident scene]

Okay, step back

[Nervous]I am nervous, OMG

Ready, action

[Fierce countenance]

Issing, be happy

It's so good[Happy]

I want to drink

Fine, you can drink as you wish


Drink with me[The girl push him against the wall]

No problem

[No, it's wrong]

Don't stop


I am tired

Issing, hold her hand now and get prepared[Stiff]

Be gentle

Master, I...

I won't help you now[I have done everything I can do for you]

Help yourself

[I don't know what to do]

In character, Issing

Issing, push Chi-ling against the wall[Worried]


Issing, kiss her

No, I can't

Oh, I can't lick it

Issing, kiss her[Do not stop]

Should I drive now, what does he mean

Look, let me show you how to do

Come on, this is the camera

Don't hide[Dislike and avoid]

It's Okay[A lesson taught by Teacher Huang]

I use this to block the camera


Can you accept this

You should block her face not yours

Chi-ling wakes up

Your are not Lei

You are Simon[I am Lay]


Lao Zhang drive to the northeast

The car is coming

Issing save Chi-ling

ONG[Move fast and be handsome]

Bump into the car

Issing[People bump into the car...]

[Do not imitate]

Bo, you should make sure he is dead

Now,[Even the best actor don't know how to act]

Hit him again?


Issing, you do a good job

But don't chase the car,when you run

It's difficult

Can you try again since you have did this before

Your kneel

It's fine

Don't kneel down


It's fine

Give me some band-aids[Pity]

No, it's fine[She keeps saying 'it's fine']

Let me do this[Thank you, sister Chi-ling, you are professional]

Okay, let's try again

Why do you lie to me

No, I don't

Issing, the car

You have gone too far

Issing, the car, bump into it

[1.3 miters]

['Impeccable' acting skill]

[I must make sure he is dead]

Chi-ling, come back

Can't help laughing

[Try to attract attention X1]

Wake up

Can you call the ambulance

I didn't bring my phone[Try to attract attention X2]

Rescue him

Chi-ling, mouth-to-mouth breathing


He is smiling

Issing wakes up When Issing know Huang Bo is going to do the

mouth-to-mouth breathing[Far away from me]

Issing's hand falls down[Mouth-tomouth breathing]

He is dead

One more man die[Try to attract attention X3]

Good, it's over

You did a good job

Director, how about me?

You, I didn't notice you

What did you say just now?

I said one more man die

Who do you say to?

To my friends

Who are your friends

Issing, stand up first, you are good

Give me a packet of blood then we continue to act

Director, did you film me

Did you film Show just now?

Anyway, you have no need to show up

Well, try again

Save him first

We can use other method

The blood

[I have it]

[Nervous][The blood]Simon

Simon, wake up

He is almost awake


[My acting skill is better than you]

Spit out the blood

Issing does a grat job[Issing is handsome even when he die]

This episode is over

Look at the blood


[As if there is nothing wrong]Shoot a close-up

You can be a good photographer

Okay, it's finished

The next director is Issing

[Issing is the next director]Director Zhang,here is the speaking trumpet


Such a long time, finally I can sit in this chair[A chair for director]

Please, could you please give me the script[Put on airs]

Yes, director, anything else?

The script

In this episode, My master play the lead

And it happens in the Fisherman Dock

[Arrogant]As I am a humble director and I respect actors

I hope you can offer me your advice

Look, director, I don't think death is meaningful in this film

Do you still remember Honglei this morning[Serious]

He kept acting but we can't find anything funny

When he fell down from 32nd floor

but was hooked by the iron wire at the 20th floor

[What's really funny is that he can't die no matter in any way]

Wait, you want me to show the process of 'death'

Then he falls down and hit him[Dramatic]

I was killed by the falling Honglei?

Die for love

The pig crash into a tree, but I ran into a pig?

How about that? Suancai loses memory and

confused Meizuo with her boyfriend

Of course it is a good plot

Do you want to do something special

It depends on you

Would you mind if you have some intimate contact with...

Of course not[Professional]

How about writing the script first

Okay, then let's go to the next spot

[The 4th episode]

Hello, everyone, I'd like to tell you the script first

[Nobody listen]Suancai lost her memory and confused Meizuo

with Tsukasa

Meizuo is washing his feet here, actually he is playing the water

[His one-man show]

Do you know the plot now[I can't understand]

Our time is running out, so I won't repeat it

Okay, everyone, I am director Zhang

Anyone pay attention to me?


[Start entertaining himself]

[What are you doing]

[I am so tired as a director]

[The 3rd episode: I do]

Sir, this is your bill

So much money

I am leaving

Are you okay

Why torture yourself

You are drunk, I will walk you home

Let's go

Let's drink more


Lei, you know

I miss you so much

So do I

Can we go back to our happy moment

You are not Lei


I didn't cheat on you

You are away too far

Wake up

Miss, don't worry, let's me save him

Wake up

OMG, he stops breathe

[One year after Suan Cai lost her memory]

I have been here

Can you remember anything

No, I can't remember

It's fine, don't worry, you will remember everything

-Your face seems familiar -Do you remember me?

I miss you so much

Me too

Do you remember him

I've never been able to say that I love you

You love me

Yes, I love you

Do you remember our story, we sang together


I like swimming most, when you take me to swim

You like swimming?

But I can't

Help her recover

Just say yes to her


You are excellent

Honglei, how to prove my love for someone

It's not necessary, just try hard to love her

[The 5th episode, night falls]

Finally, I am the director[Wang Xun is the director in this episode]

During the daytime, I was not easy as an actor

Now, I want to watch them suffer

Don't worry, I'll change a hairstyle first

After all, I am a director now, wear a pair of sunglasses

I can't see it clearly

It's the night, I'll wear the sunglasses later

I should change the script first

[Follow the flow of the inspiration]

Dao Mingsi's mother and Bishi

The greatest script is here

The audience will enjoy the ups and downs of this scene

[Shocked by his own talent]

Where is the site producer and assistant[Optimist]

Oh, it's too dark

-Are you the site producer - I am the executive director

Tell him everything you want

Hold my arm first

[Can you show your respect for me?]

Where are the actors

[The 1st scene of the 5th episode]

Then, it goes to the most important part of this film

Suancai is kidnapped

Who is the kidnapper

He[The figurant]

Do you know the plot?

No, I don't

Can't you make a guess[You are not professional]

When you see her suffering, you rush into the warehouse

and save her[Rescue the beauty]

Actually, what really matters is your feeling

After the fight

Director, can you tell us how should we fight

It depends on you

With tooth and nail

We care much about reality in this film

[So, fight with tooth and nail]

Because it is the most important part[I good at it]

Issing is the most important and mysterious guest

You'll show up later

Mysterious guest

Are you clear

Okay, get ready


[Tell him the plot of the mysterious role]

At last, when Dao Mingsi rescues her

You show up here, and suck him

No, I have another idea

How about this[Is it fierce]



[What's Issing's role]

Attention[In character]

We try to make it once

[The hard-working leading actor]

I wrote the lines myself, it's not easy

In this show, I write the lines myself

When I act in the movie or the TV series

Someone would write the script for us

[My line is awesome]You are silly, honey, you have no need to apologize

for the police existence, I love you[Good actor]

[Smoggy]The actors outside, pay attention

I would remind you to rush in

Don't shout at me with this speaker, I can hear you

[Wear the sunglasses in evening]Go

Ready, action

Don't smile

Do you know you are kidnapped

How dare you even smile

Sorry, I hit the wrong people

Really[The leading actor is anxious]

Don't you afraid of this

It's time to rush into it, isn't it

Where is Dao Mingsi

Are you afraid of it


Beat him


One two three, go

Your eyes


Be cool[Preparing]

It's smoggy, it can create atmosphere for us

Hold it[Lack of money, so we should use everything]

Director, do you need the smoke

The left side


Destroy my mood

It's smoggy

[The tree shade]

[The poorest crew]We need the shadow

Director, the leaves, moonlight, and smoggy[The natural props]

Okay, everything is ready

Three two one action

Okay, the expression in your eyes

Look at each other

But actually you are afraid of seeing each other

Don't disturb me

Fine[You disturb my feeling]

You are silly, honey

[Issing][The ET is ready]

I will kill you on behalf of Planet Kepler[Huang from the cookhouse]

You are away too far

You are away too far


It's too hot

It's burning

Dao Mingsi

Are you Dao Mingsi

Director, he ignores me

You must shout loudly

We are acting now, stop talking, okay?

You can go there can catch him directly[What? I didn't finish it]


Well, you, the actor[Cannot bear it anymore]

Control your mood and act your role

Finally, you recognize me[Hypocritical]

Stop, they are still acting

No [Come here now!]

Back, back, he is sucking you

The tail

Suancai, when you miss me, look up at the shooting star

and the tail

When you see them, it means I miss you too

Step back

Suck him

Remember it[I must say all lirics]

It's too slowly, just suck him

He disappears

Okay, blackout

Good, you did a great job, I was touched[Sci-fi horrible comedy]

It is the most successful episode, I think[The 4th episode, finished]

[The 4th episode Protection]


Are you Dao Mingsi's mother?

What's up

Now, Dao Mingsi and Suancai are in a relationship now


I think you would reject it

Of course, I hate that girl

I hope you can do something for me to make her...


Besides, make her suffer

You are vicious

I like it

No, there is CCTV here

Do you know what is it

If you insist on staying with Dao Mingsi

I would open it and its smell will make you suffer

Are you afraid of it

Dao Mingsi, who is Dao Mingsi

You are stubborn

I think this sound may threat you

How are you

Where did he go

Make a promise, when you are lost again

just stand there, I would go back and find you

I am sorry

you don't need to

I will kill you on behalf of Planet Kepler

Where are you going

I love you

Don't leave me

Where are you taking him to

They are gone

You remember all of these but they are just in your dream


It would be better if your life is ordinary and simple

Do you think so?

This is what we want

Ordinary, simple and happy life

Okay, everything is a dream

So, be simple


Issing, do you know what is love now

Yes, love is wishing her happiness if I cannot give her happiness

[The ending]

[Show Lo is the director]

Hello[The shooting site of the ending]

Thank you for your hard-working[Sounds like Hong Kong-made film]

Director, your pronunciation is wrong

No problem

Because of lacking money, I have to say sorry to you

The money should be used in this episode[Tricky]

So this episode is especially important

It's a wedding

You are the bridegroom, congratulations

You marry a beauty


You are her father

I know


[You call your daughter 'beauty'? Are you kidding me?]

You are the angel

You are a chief witness

Because you have done a lot of bad things

You play the piano

No problem[I am good at it]

The plot is simple, it's an ending

It should be perfect

Sooner is better

You can act at ease, but it's important

Are you ready

Light, the photographer, and do some make up

It's a box of wedding candies

Now I share the happiness with all of you

I hope you can lead a happy life




Son in law, I hope you can take good care of her

Ladies and gentlemen, good evening

I am the chief witness of this wedding

I'd like to introduce the bridegroom, a passer-by and a figurant

The bride is Suancai who is smart, beautiful and kind

After all the suffering, finally they get married

I want to ask some questions

The bridegroom, do you want to marry her and love her forever

The bride, would you marry him

It's over? An excellent film should have a wonderful ending

I am against it

[Isn't it over?]


I am against it

[Isn't it over?]


[Lonely Gentleman shows up]



[Lock the door]

Sir, we are in a wedding now

What do you want to do

I am Zhu Bin, brother of Zhu Bishi

I want to stop this wedding

[Ups and downs]

Why[I love Huang Bo]

Suancai, I want to make a proposal[Express your love]

I hope you can love me but not any one else

Your husband should be tall, with a normal size of head,

So I hope you can choose me [Touched]

It's your time now, passer-by

[Our life is ordinary]I don't care about your name

It sounds ordinary

So I hope you can own an ordinary but true love[Love is company]

Maybe you have experienced love in the film

I hope one day you can have your true love

No matter whom do you choose, I will wish you happiness

[The best ending]

Is it over?

Everybody, do you think the ending should be like this

I think, the role in the film doesn't matter

We should be ourselves and do what we really want

It is told by this show

You should challenge yourself with kindness

Finally, our slogan is 'Go fighting, this is fate'

Cut, actually, the real ending is...

The crew are not satisfied with our production

So we have to go to Kenting and we have a new challenge

This is fate

It's hard to be a good man

We slept less than three hours, we are so tired but we won't give in